Columbus Business School or UCLA Anderson School of Management?

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  1. Life Long Learning

    Life Long Learning Active Member

    I have the opportunity to attend one 4-month Live Online executive education program this Fall. Which one would you?

    Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE)
    Columbia University – Columbia Business School
    Program Fee: $26,800
    M7 Business School
    Ivy League
    Ranked 8th

    Certificate in Advanced Leadership and Management
    UCLA Anderson School of Management
    Program Fee: $20,000
    Ranked 16th
  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Whichever has the content that best suits your learning and career needs. Po-tay-to po-tah-to.
  3. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    I stated on the sister forum, Columbia is a far better business school than Anderson. I was admitted to Duke Fuqua for an online program but ended up choosing SMU Cox due to full-time and on-campus recruiting opportunities after I was laid off due to COVID-19.
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  4. Life Long Learning

    Life Long Learning Active Member

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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Wow! I did not see this, I would have chosen this over the Project Management Professional Certification route. I still have a semester left with the VA. And I am also SMU alumni.

    • Members of the SMU community (faculty, staff, students and alumni) may receive discounted tuition.
    • Nonprofit organizations and groups may qualify for discounts. Contact a program advisor using the form on the right, for more details.
    • This program may qualify for veterans’ benefits. Please contact Robert Hurst, Veterans Assistance and Outreach Coordinator, for more details.
    • Corporate discounts may be available. Please call 972-473-3469 for information. "
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    It depends, if you are going for the name, then the winner is Columbia University. If you are going for the certificate name, then the University of California at Los Angeles is the winner. If it is my choice, I would choose Columbia University over UCLA.
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  7. Life Long Learning

    Life Long Learning Active Member

    I am leaning towards Columbia as its one of the elite M7 Business Schools. That is a very small club. The Certificate name does not bother me. I have a Certificate name just like UCLA's from the University of Kansas School of Business.

    2020 Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE)

    •Will be awarded an Executive Certificate in Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE) for the successful completion of six programs; Leading the Agile Organization, Strategic Storytelling, Finance and Accounting for the Nonfinancial Executive, Strategy in Uncertain Times, Venture Capitalist, and Driving Strategic Impact Programs, Columbia University, Columbia Business School (CBS), Executive Education, New York.

    •As of 2019, 47,000 Columbia Business School (CBS) alumni.
  8. Life Long Learning

    Life Long Learning Active Member

    If I do Columbia I will need to wait a year to do SMU Cox PMC until after 1 Aug 2021. Its a private university and Columbia will use all my benefits for 2020-2021. Only because of COVID is this program also online now.
  9. felderga

    felderga Active Member

    I once considered the UCLA program several years ago but it required in person rather than being online (thanks to COVID). Its an Executive MBA Lite program that is solid and attracts many C-suite executives from the Southern California region. Columbia program is more customizable so that might be more of a value if there are certain domains that pique your interest.

    Also UCLA Extension's Project Management program is well respected however it requires completion of 6 11-week courses (cost is around $6K). I did it several years ago and while I never followed thru with getting a PMP I still feel the certificate in itself carries similiar weight if I wanted to be a project manager (which I don't). Plus the units earned can be applied later if you wanted to do a MS or MBA in Project Management (UCLA has a standing agreement with Univ. of Wisconsin-Platteville for their MSPM program).
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  10. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    As someone who WAS a PMP, I disagree with that hypothetical.

    I didn't want to manage projects, either, so I dropped mine after 6 years.
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  11. felderga

    felderga Active Member

    It all depends upon career path and if you path to explore other opportunities down the road. There's always the debate of PMP vs Graduate degree in Project Management as to what has more value. . For some PMP is like religion and yes if you plan to be a full time PM then by all means its a must. For others just earning training may suffice. The program at UCLA is 6 course 24 units and takes 6-18 months to typically to complete (depending upon how many course you want to concurrently). The content and depth of knowledge does vary which is why a PMP is used as a standard mearsuring stick.
  12. Dr Rene

    Dr Rene Member

    Another difference between PMP (a professional certification) and a school certificate in project management (like UCLA Extension) is that PMP is based on the PMI Project Management Standard, which is an ANSI-accredited standard. PMP also requires re-certification (every 3 years) and the completion of continuous education units.

    I started my teaching career at UCLA Extension teaching in the certificate programs. I know my PMP was instrumental in getting that job. I then went to Keller Graduate School of Management to teach in their MBA Project Management and MPM degree programs. I believe PMP was required for faculty teaching in the PM degree programs.
  13. felderga

    felderga Active Member

    UCLA's program like a great many others do tend to build their curriculum around PMBOK (that was a required textbook for their PM fundamentals course). Also UCLA is a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) and is approved by PMI to issue professional development units (PDUs). So its a popular destination for those also seeking PDUs for re-certification as well.

    I orginally planned upon completion of the certificate program at UCLA to study and pursue a PMP but work and life constraints along with opting to do a MBA sidetracked those plans. I did get the Master Project Manager (MPM)® creditetial which doesn't require re-certification but again its not viewed as the highly as the PMP. Again my career path is more in line with Healthcare/IT consulting, process improvement and QA testing which is why I still may eventually look to do a Black Belt program (I started the Lean Six Sigma program at UCLA and will finish after my DBA program at Trident is complete).
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  14. Neuhaus

    Neuhaus Well-Known Member

    You're not suffering for lack of name recognition. No employer is going to look at a UCLA program and say "Yeah, I would have hired him/her if only they had been able to go all Ivy..."

    That said, if you're looking at pure rankings and tiers, Columbia is ahead.

    For things like this, though, I would probably base it on which coast I was working on.
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