College Credit Without College Classes

Discussion in 'CLEP, DANTES, and Other Exams for Credit' started by Kizmet, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Interesting. The article states you can earn a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change by competency assessment. Does such a program really exist?
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    You can see a list of institutions at the C-BEN website that is linked in the article. Click on each school to see which programs are offered. I had this website bookmarked about a year and half ago until I had to wipe my my computer clean and forgot to save my Google bookmarks.
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    I just went through the C-BEN list and I think they are referring to the Ph.D. from Antioch University. It looks like they utilize competencies instead of doctoral-level courses. Still requires the completion of a dissertation.
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    Some of the competency-based programs aren't like the competency-based programs we have come to know. They are just outcomes-based programs. They are neither self-paced nor cheap. Antioch's PhD program has a cohort model, so I don't think it is self-paced. It is also a low-residency program.

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