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  1. TCord1964

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    For those of you who are military veterans and are currently seeking a degree, it is definately worth your time to find out how many college credits your military experience is worth.

    I was in the Navy for five years nearly 20 years ago. I'm planning on seeking a BA in Journalism from TESC. The military will give you a transcript of ACE-evaluated credit as it pertains to your training. I just got mine today, and was BLOWN AWAY to discover that my basic training and service school is worth 42 ACE-evaluated lower level college credits! Most of the credits are for things like news writing, editing, photograpy, etc.

    I'm not sure TESC will give me ALL the credit on my military transcript, but I'm hoping!

    For more info:
  2. spmoran

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    Wow, that's a lot more than I got. Very cool!

  3. tcnixon

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    The difference likely is that his training specifically applies to an academic subject, in this case, journalism.

    When I looked at mine, I got very few as well, but my rating had few transferable skills.

    Tom Nixon
  4. RobbCD

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    As a hospital corpsman I got 28 credits, but a friend of mine who was also an HM (and a Nuc Med tech) got many many more, and many upper division credits. He also got 33 credits for his ARRT certification which came with his "A" school. He graduated with a BS from COSC with ease while I eeked it out at UCONN.
  5. TCord1964

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    Here is what I got for credit on my SMART transcript from the Navy:

    Basic Training:

    First Aid and Safety 2 credits
    Personal Fitness 1
    Community Health 1


    Layout and design 2 credits
    News writing and reporting
    (electronic) 2
    News writing and reporting
    (print) 5
    Photojournalism 2
    Announcing 3
    Audiovisual Technology 3
    Layout 3
    News Editing 3
    News Reporting 3
    Photography 3
    Radio/TV production techniques 3
    Studio techniques 3
    Writing for mass media 3

    These are all lower level credits. I'm hoping I can transfer most, if not all of the journalism courses to TESC and satisfy my journalism major. I know i will also have to take some upper-level courses. At the very least, I figure I can use many of these as electives. I don't know if TESC does portfolio assessment, but if so I figure I can use that to take care of the rest of my journalism courses. I have worked in the field for more than 20 years. I think that would leave me with electives and general education requirements to take care of, which I plan to do through DANTES and CLEP exams.

    If I'm off the mark on this, please advise.
  6. spmoran

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    Yeah, that and when I was in the military twenty five years ago, I was 17, horny and had a tremendous appetite for fermented beverages and leafy-green plants. I don't think ACE evaluates that sort of thing yet.

  7. Rob L

    Rob L New Member

    When I was in the Navy, I was an ET. On my SMART transcript, it said I had 89 ACE-evaluated credits from a combination of boot camp, "A" school, various "C" schools, and other military training. Of course, there is not one school that would give me 89 credits for this military training. But, when I did my AA from University of Phoenix, I got 21 credits in the form of free electives. So, I would guess that TESC might give you credit for satisfying the free electives as a result of your military training.
  8. CoachTurner

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    I got quite a few credits for my service as well. Those who served a single enlistment in a non-academic type MOS will likely find they have very few credits by this method -- those of us who made a career of the military find many more hours awarded.

    Many of the newer specifications aren't awarding credit at skill level 1 (E1-E4) at all -- this seems to be a trend since the mid 90's. ACE feels that troops at skill level 1 are not evaluated sufficiently to verify technical ability. "A" level and AIT level training courses are still being evaluated for credit though.

    Note too that the MOS specifications for ex-Army folk don't differentiate between active and reserve service. That is - an E6 71L on active duty gets the same credit recomendation as an E6 71L in the reserve.

    So, for those out there who are reservists -- consider whether having a secondary MOS awarded in an area with a usable credit recomendation might be a good idea.

    check out the serachable database from ACE here...

  9. bing

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    I have a business BS from USNY(now excelsior). I was amazed at how liberal USNY was with awarding credits even from the USAF Officer Training School. I was even awarded two management credits for my attendance at an Army engineering management class.

    I had a number of obscure type religion credits from Brigham Young such as Doctrine and Covenants, Teachings of the Prophets, and Book of Mormon that they took without any problem. When I was looking for an accounting BS I had applied to Arizona and they did not even accept all my religion credits back then. So, definitely look at I thought they were very liberal granting credits.
    (Arizona did accept PE and marksmanship from the military, though. I had applied to Arizona State and they did not grant as many credits for the military. It seems to be a mixed bag.)

    It's a good thread. Which schools appear to be stingiest with military credits and which are the most liberal?

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  10. bball_lover_86

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    Does anyone know how many college credits Excelsior gives for a 42A01(SPC) Human Resources Specialist? I also have WLC if that helps...
  11. lawrenceq

    lawrenceq Member

    I got about 27-hrs from my short time in the Navy.
  12. recruiting

    recruiting Member

    TESC was a bit stingy with my wife's military credit when she went there but who knows, a different evaluator may see things another way.. :D
  13. Hadashi no Gen

    Hadashi no Gen New Member

    I don't know how exact this is. I was an Air Force postal specialist (the very LEAST academic MOS in the AF), for one enlistment, and received quite a large amount for my military experience.

    Below is a full list of credit received from between Basic Training, Tech School ("A-school"), Airman Leadership School (NCO training), and by testing for promotion. If I had gone to a more technical Tech School, I would have had many more.


    So... that's 27 credits right there. Basically one academic year of college. It's definitely worth it to check out what can transfer from your military training.

    These credits, plus a string of CLEP and DANTES tests and a year of college prior to being in the AF are what make up my entire AAS degree. Don't spend all of your college time in class unless you really need to.
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  14. Hadashi no Gen

    Hadashi no Gen New Member

    P.S. Bellevue will accept all military ACE credit and apply it to your degree. Just a note.
  15. major56

    major56 Active Member

    "Salve Regina University will accept up to 18 credits earned at military schools, colleges, or universities in accordance with the recommendations made by the American Council of Education and in accordance with the University transfer policy regarding academic performance."

    • Navy War College graduates of non-degree granting programs may be eligible for a maximum of 18 earned credits in transfer for any of the programs offered.
    • Marine Command and Staff College graduates of non-degree granting programs may be eligible for a maximum of 18 earned credits in transfer for any of the programs offered.
    • Army War College graduates from the resident or seminar programs may be eligible for a maximum of 18 earned credits in transfer.
    • Graduates of the Air War College resident, seminar or correspondence program may be eligible to receive a maximum of 18 earned credits in transfer.
    • Graduates from the Air Command and General Staff College residence or correspondence program may be eligible for a maximum of 18 credits in transfer.
    • National War College graduates may be eligible to transfer in 12-18 credits, depending on the year of attendance.
    • Credits for graduates of the Army Command and General Staff or Industrial College of Armed Forces may be determined upon receipt of the official transcript.
    Salve Regina University - Graduate Studies - Online Studies

    TUI Military Programs & Partnerships: re Military Command and Staff Colleges

    The following programs are specially designed for those military personnel who have completed or will complete the Air University program at the Air Command and Staff College, the Command and General Staff College, the College of Naval Command and Staff College or the Marine Corps Command and Staff College:

    MBA – Military Management
    • M.S. – Health Sciences – Emergency and Disaster Management
    • M.S. – Health Sciences – International Health
    • M.S. – Health Sciences – Health Care Management
    • M.S. – Information Technology Management
    • M.A. – Education – Education Leadership and Administration
    Military Education Online, Distance Learning, Military College Degrees | TUI

    Kansas State University: MS in adult, occupational and continuing education

    “Program will accept 12 hours transfer from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) for students attending CGSC.”
    Program: Adult, Occupational and Continuing Education (M.S.) - Kansas State University - acalog ACMS
  16. NorCal

    NorCal Active Member

    My community college only gave me 6 units of physical education credit for my military experience, lol.
  17. airtorn

    airtorn Moderator

    You got hosed. My military classes filled all of my lower level electives for my B.S. Many others have had similar experiences.

    I hit 17 years in this month and have accumulated approximately 95-100 managment and technical credits (RA through SACS) just by attending military classes and a few OJT internships.
  18. truckie270

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    I received about 30 credits from my time in the Army. The majority of those were for the completion of the Airborne and Ranger schools. I could only use a few of them as electives though since most of them were classified under PE, map-reading, first-aid and principles of supervision credits.
  19. truckie270

    truckie270 New Member

    NorCal didn't get hosed - his opportunity cost is much lower than yours since it appears he spent much less time in the military than your 17 years :usa2:.
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  20. BobbyJim

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    I got 36 credits from my USAF schools. Add some Dantes, CLEP and extension courses and I had an AS degree from USNY-Regents. All credits transfered to a BofAS (mgmt of technology) degree - B&M.
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