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  1. sanantone

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    The thread on DEAC schools got me thinking about schools I almost attended but no longer exist. I considered University of the Rockies' psychology program with a concentration in criminal justice many years ago. The school was merged with Ashford. While University of the Rockies students can still get a degree from Ashford, Bridgepoint is not in good financial condition.

    I also almost applied to Marylhurst University, and they shut down last year. I transferred out of Colorado Technical University almost a decade ago. They're still around, but I don't know how much they've been hurt by the settlements over deceptive admissions practices. Its parent company shut down and sold off most of its schools. Have any of you had any close calls?
  2. sanantone

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  3. bceagles

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    All better that Concordia College and University. They managed to get quite a few people, and are somehow still a thing.
  4. sanantone

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    There are so many Concordia Universities, I wouldn't know which one you're talking about. :emoji_laughing:

    I so wanted to take science courses at Mountain State University, but they closed before I got the chance.

    I had applied to Patten University, but they closed. I know JFK University bought their platform. I think they might have taken on their students. If so, then they ended up better off.
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    sanantone - please do me a favor. stay away from umass its one of my favorite schools and id like it to stick around:rolleyes:
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    I would hope that UMass is more stable than Patten University was. :emoji_smile:
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    I applied to Argosy's Ed.D. in Org. Leadership in 2016 and was admitted but I never registered. I also considered U of Rockies PsyD in CJ but it was mad expensive so I never applied.
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  8. sanantone

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    You dodged a bullet.
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