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  1. ellen

    ellen member

    Along with buying the 2002 Official Clep Guide book, is buying Clep guides to individual courses the only source I'll need to take those tests?
  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    "Cracking the CLEP" by the Princeton Review has been recommended. Princeton Review has a long history of test preparation, concentrating on beating ETS-administered tests (like the CLEP). It can be found at along with many local bookstores.

    ISBN: 0375761519

    Rich Douglas
  3. I'll second the "Cracking the CLEP" recommendation.

    Math-- in any permutation-- is my personal demon, and while TESC only requires a single college-level mathematics course, even Intermediate Algebra was a stretch for me. The CLEP College Mathematics exam was a desperation move. About one week's worth of practice, guided by the book, got me "over the hump."

    Between the official guide and the Princeton Review book, you should be OK. I found the sample tests in both to be good "barometers" of preparedness for both College Mathematics and Business Law.

    Good luck.

  4. Orson

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    The sample tests in the CLEP Official Guide book are always towards the MEDIAN level of dificulty.
    In other words, the real test will include some easier questions and some harder ones.

    If the most sample questions seem easy (or nearly all if you're aiming for a high-level result), that's the sign that you're ready to test!


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