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  1. stb

    stb New Member

    I am ready to start taking some tests. [​IMG]

    Do I need to be enrolled in a school to take tests?

    I plan to get a degree from Charter Oak.

    From the information I learned in this forum and their website, Charter Oak will accept the courses I am ready to take.
  2. Mark_R

    Mark_R New Member

    Many colleges/universities will administer CLEP exams to non-students. Go to the CLEP Home Page for starters, and the CLEP Test Center search engine for locations near you.

    A list of DANTES test centers can be found here (institutions adminstering DANTES exams are noted with an asterisk (*).
  3. stb

    stb New Member

    Are there any locations to take the Dantes testing such as Sylvan Learning Centers?
  4. blahetka

    blahetka New Member

    You take CLEP tests nearly wherever they are given. Some schools will only administer them to their students, or will give them to anyone that applies. For example, while I was enrolled in Regents (excelsior), I took CLEP exams at San Jose State University and a college in Santa Cruz.

    At the time, there was a book available by the CLEP people that listed the schools that gave the test, accepted the test, and whether they would only accept their own students. I would think that information on the web now.

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  5. Mark_R

    Mark_R New Member

    There has been a bit of a change with Sylvan over the past year or so... their testing arm is now called Prometric and does not appear to offer DANTES exams (go to the Prometric link and click on "Testing Centers"). The 'old' Sylvan Learning Centers now seem to concentrate on K-12 tutoring programs.

    The Chauncey Group link I posted previously should, as far as I know, list all the institutions adminstering the DANTES exams.
  6. mlomker

    mlomker New Member

  7. Orson

    Orson New Member

    The Chauncey Group International, who administer DANTES testing services (&lt;; ),
    maintain a helpful web-page, along with the essential DANTES study guides and a search engine for testing centers at:
    There is also a PDF file for a copy of the
    "DSST Candidate Bulletin."

    New to me are half-a dozen "DSST [online]practice tests" offered for $4.95. Has anyone used them, yet?


  8. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    ARRRGH! Just another reason to hate ETS and the College Board. The Chauncey Group (named after the very racist founder of ETS) is a for-profit spin-off from ETS, designed to handle projects clearly designed only to make money, as opposed to ETS, that only handles projects clearly to make money. And so it goes.

    Rich Douglas

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