CLEP, ACT, and SAT tests in Canada

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    Hello, I'm a Canadian homeschool student. I'm interested in taking the SAT, ACT, and CLEP tests. However, I'm not sure of where I can take these tests. I would be very grateful for this information. Thank you.
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    CLEP in Canada Test Center Search | CLEP

    DSST in Canada Locate an Institution |*DSST | Get College Credit

    If you poke around this board a little, and both of the above websites you should get some insights into testing options.
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    I looked into the pages offered. Not much point in taking DSST tests in Canada, unless you're planning to use them for a U.S. program. There are very few test-sites and the tests are only available in three provinces - Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Amazingly, one of the test-sites is a computer school, a few blocks down the street from where I live.

    As I said, VERY limited use for DSST tests in Canada. The only places that offer credit for them are that same computer school (non-degree career college) and something called the Center for Advanced Study that basically deals in helping people get US credentials. It's here: It started out as Cal. State - Fresno's Pacific region liaison office. It is now independent and still maintains an office in Japan.

    CLEP is also of extremely of limited use for credit in Canada. In fact, I don't know of any university here that accepts it. Perhaps someone else does....

    For Canadians who want CLEP tests, they appear to be available in very few locations. There is only one in Ontario (pop. 12,000,000), one in Prince Edward Island, One in Alberta and a few in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Rest of the country? You're probably going to need a plane-ticket and a hotel. As so many Canadians live within 75 miles of the US border, it could be 'way easier to drive across, do some shopping and write your exam in the U.S. ...

    I guess Canadians don't really "get" the CLEP all that much... :smile:

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