City University of New York - Online Degree Completion ($4,575! Transfer 105 credits out of 120!)

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  1. nomaduser

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    "The total of prior learning credit from portfolio evaluation, examination, non-collegiate learning, and corporate or military training cannot exceed 45 credits. The total of all prior learning credit, including transfer credit, cannot exceed 105 credits. To earn a CUNY SPS bachelor’s degree, students must complete 15 credits of CUNY SPS coursework."

    I found CUNY allows you to transfer up to 105 credits!
    Max 45 can be ACE credits from Saylor Academy but they won't accept and ACE credits.
    They offer lots majors to choose from:

    Each of their credit costs $305. So remaining 15 credits will cost you $4,575 (15 x $305)!
    CUNY has a good academic reputation:

    In my opinion, this is the most affordable online degree from a well-known university.
    I'd recommend you guys to consider this option over Excelsior College
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  2. nyvrem

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    oh my

    105 is the most i've seen outside of the big 3 and athabascae

    just reading through the site

    might be cheaper than TESU ? idk.
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  3. Xspect

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    where were all these great deals when I was an undergrad lad?
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  4. Johann

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    We see this kind of pickiness all the time. Some schools take "these" ACE credits but not "those." Shouldn't ACE credits be ACE credits plain and simple? Presumably, they've all met the same standard. Is this just arbitrary cherrypicking or is there some kind of other rational explanation?
  5. nomaduser

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    Yes. They allow you to take 15 credits per semester. So after you transfer in all of 105 credits, you can graduate by taking one 8-week-long semester.
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  6. SteveFoerster

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    In theory, but five courses in eight weeks would be one hell of a ride.
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  7. nomaduser

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    and you'll need 60 credits from a regionally accredited college or university. I think you can attend a cheap online community college to meet that requirements.. or try TESU's TECEP exams??

    Luna Community College charges $38/credit for out-of-state residents for 6 credits per semester. Lower-level courses only.
  8. nomaduser

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    FYI, you can take a combination of CLEP, DSST, UExcel, Saylor Academy exams to get the 45 prior learning credits.

    Here's more info about their 45 prior learning credits requirements:

  9. nyvrem

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    i think the challenge now is to actually get the 105 credits you can trasnfer to fit into their degree plan.

    else you would end up taking more than the 'last 15 credits from them' to graduate
  10. nomaduser

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    Yes, you have to talk to CUNY's advisor.. and figure out which DSST, CLEP, Saylor exams will transfer.

    Check PLA Exam Equivalencies section in this link:

    It will show you which exams will transfer.
  11. nomaduser

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