CIS degree vs CS degree w/ Business Minor

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    Hey...just wondering if anybody had any input on what route would be best for me to take. I enjoy programming and computer science, however would like to keep options open for other things than just programmer, such as things on the business side. I'm trying to determine the best major/minor combination for me before I get too far in my undergrad career. I am currently in the CIS program, however I have been hearing people say it's not as respected and you wont get as far in terms of salary/advancement possibilities. My other option would be to switch to the CS program, and have a minor in Business Administration. Any idea of what would be best? Thanks!
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    Depends on what you want to do.

    CS is more theoretical and in-depth programming that will help you do things like writing device drivers and operating systems. It will also help with complex algorithms, etc. and therefore requires a heavy math background.

    A CIS degree will let you do some application programming but it will also give you the skills to do things like network design, database operations, etc. It will give you more of a whole system approach. Less math is required.

    If you want to do things like designing systems and networks for a company with maybe some programming, I'd get the CIS degree. If you want to write code and get really crazy with some in-depth programming stuff and algorithms, I'd go with the CS degree. That's not to say a CS degree can't do the work of a CIS major but it would depend on the classes you took. What about a CS degree with some additional CIS courses focused on network/databases and eventually an MBA when you are ready for management?

    (I used to do CIS work for various large companies a few years back)
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    Troy University offers BS in Applied Computer Science with minor in Business Administration. Obviously, it is not a good idea to go that route if you want to be an expert in Computer scientist. However, it would be a big help if you plan to have your own software or IT company in the future. If you plan to have a CS degree, then going for MBA, which that would help too.

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