Chose not to purse DBA, will study animation instead

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  1. RichC.

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    Just like the title says, after taking a long hard look at doctoral programs I finally realized that I am not passionate enough about anything to study at a doctoral level. A doctoral degree does not have any benefits in my current career either.

    Study Animation you say?

    Animation has always been a hobby of mine. I have dabbled with it but never truly studied it. I looked at the Art Institues but they cater to full time students with no family or work obligations. So, I chose Full Sail Universtiy. It's about $27K cheaper and you get a new computer with all the high-end software needed for animation. My GI Bill, whats left of it, will cover most of the tuition and there are other veteran funding options out there so I shouldn't have to come out of pocket too much if at all. Full Sail is NA not RA but in this area it's all about the portfolio and demo reel and not so much where the degree came from.
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    Hi Rich,

    Congrats, Full Sail-within its niche- is a great choice. Good luck on your studies, keep us posted. :biggthumpup:
  3. SteveFoerster

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    Everyone who considers doctoral study should be so introspective. I wish I'd been!
  4. ryoder

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    Cool. I'd like to study animation as well. I grew up thinking I would be an artist for a while and did my own graphics design for the computer games I wrote back in the 90s. I tried teaching myself 3d modeling right before I decided to rip out a wall and rebuild the shower with marble so it didn't last long. Oh and then I found CLEPs. I'll get back to it some day. Let us know how it goes.
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  6. Johann

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    I hope your upcoming animation career doesn't suffer as a result of outsourcing to India. I came across this today, while looking for something else:

    Outsource 2D Animation to India

    A quote:

    "KPO Experts India provides an range of 2D animation services. Our 2D animation services enable you to leverage cost benefits without compromising on quality. Our strong team of 2D animation experts designers work under stringent quality standards. Our designers have several years of experience in their field....

    Our Multimedia expertise includes but not limited to : Creative, Corporate Multimedia Services, Flash and Dynamic Presentations, Product Demo, 2D Animation, CBTs, 360 degree Virtual tours, WBTs, Photo Gallery, Interactive Catalogs, Flash Games. etc and E-Learning"

    As might have been said many years ago, "Caution, Will Robinson!" I'm guessing KPO Experts are not the only lean and hungry offshore animators.

  7. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Johann, that reminds me of the Simpsons episode where they visit a Korean animation sweatshop.
  8. RichC.

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    With animation I am planning to be more of a freelancer to begin with. My job with the government is pretty good or at least once I finish my 3 years of the training program it will be. I'm also focusing on the 3D animation. I'll be sure to post videos (at least a link to youtube anyway) of the stuff I do once I start getting into the core of the animation.
  9. SteveFoerster

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    Three years of training? Are you in the astronaut corps or something?
  10. RichC.

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    As a matter of Sadly it is a 3 year intern program for logistics management in the Navy as a civilian. Nevermind that I was a logistics officer in the Marine Corps for 8 years. I took this job because I was unemployed for the two years prior. So basically I do nothing and learn very little new stuff. I hope the job is better once I graduate the program but I'll not hold my breath. The redeeming fact is that the benefits are pretty good and I'll be a GS-12 at the end of the program. Other than that, I am very unchallenged in this endeavor.

    Things I've thought about doing while at work to better occupy my time besides the extremely easy required training:

    Write a novel - I have a few story ideas.
    Get a PhD/DBA
    Go to law school part time
    Get a second master's degree
    Study animation - winner winner chicken dinner
    Spend more time on degree info
    Read a book - I squeeze in about a chapter a day in A Dance with Dragons
    Work on my drawing abilities - my desk calendar is full of sketches, comic book style art work mostly
    Write a graphic novel or movie script - both are basically the same format
    Get my PMP certification - still planning to do this down the road

    As you can see, lots of free time at "work". I should note that I blew through my required level one training in life cycle logistics and with a bonus certification in level one program management.
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