Chemical engineering?

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    Hi I read here that a chemical engineer is "jack of all trades" How can that be? And chemical engineer seems real hot right now, I know aerospace, civil, electrical and electronics are all fields with a future but what about mechanical? And is there such a thing as a electro-mechanical engineer someone who has degrees in both and applies both in his job. Thanks.
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    In answer to your questions:
    1) It's not true.
    2) Mechanical is cool.
    3) Yes.
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    If you're really interested, university of north dakota offers online bachelors degrees in engineering: Online & Distance Education
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    Chemical engineering is currently seen as being the most lucrative of the engineering degrees. This is especially true if you're willing to relocate. It's even more true if you're willing to locate outside of the USA.
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    I wouldn't say that chemical engineering is hot at all right now. A good friend of mine is a chemical engineer and not too long ago he went through a lengthy unemployment period. He finally found work....but not in chemical engineering.
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    I have no first hand knowledge, I'm just repeating what I've been told which is that if you are willing to relocate outside the USA you will have little difficulty in finding work and will make substantially more money. I have never seriously considered such a deal although I have to admit that if I was approached with an opportunity to move to certain spots in the world I would give it serious consideration. Mostly though I am very happy to be living in the USA.
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    Another area that is growing fast is the earth sciences, particularly mining, mineral processing, and geology.

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