Cheapest Religious Doctorate?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by BrandeX, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. BrandeX

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    Just wondering....

    What might be the lowest cost religion based degree (any kind) at the doctorate level, with the stipulation that the school is accredited (any legit) in the US?

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    That's a helpful list, but just make sure you check whether the program is pure distance.

    Keep in mind that if you want a purely distance Christian doctorate degree from the USA, with no required on-campus visits, you cannot earn an ATS accredited degree. It will have to be from an ABHE or TRACS accredited school. (Or a RA accredited school like Liberty; though Liberty's DMin is about $14,000.)
  5. major56

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    True … I hope the original poster can conduct the specific research from the Baker's Guide listings.
  6. BillDayson

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    Which religious tradition are you interested in studying? Or are you interested in some comparative or philosophical topic in religion? What kind of approach to the subject do you favor? (Faith-filled and a-priori committed? Practical clergy preparation? Skeptical arms-length academic?) Your answer to these questions will be very relevant to deciding which school and program might be a good choice for you.

    I take it that you are located in China and want to study by distance learning. What kind of academic background do you already have in the study of religion? Do you have an undergraduate degree in something relevant?

    My own suggestion is that you should check out the University of South Africa. It's internationally recognized and very inexpensive. UNISA's weak in Indian and Chinese religious traditions, but it offers abundant programs in all aspects of Biblical archaeology, textual study, church history, doctrine and theology. It's also expanding in Islam.
  7. BrandeX

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    A bit more info, I am at undergrad level of religious studies atm. The program should be 100% distance ed, and accredited in the USA by a CHEA recognized agency (so no UNISA). The doctorate program can be in any field, and of any or no particular faith.
    Thanks for the link to Baker's guide, I will check out what is listed there as well.
  8. major56

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    APEX School of Theology (TRACS accredited): D.Min. (e.g., Apex is one of the few private, freestanding theological undergraduate and graduate schools to offer its degree programs online.)

    Other TRACS accredited schools; some offer distance programs.
  9. Ted Heiks

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    Even the DMin at Liberty requires on campus intensives. I have yet to find a RA accredited DL program that offers a fully online DMin. And as you stated, a fully online ATS DMin does not exist due to ATS requirements.
  11. NMTTD

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    Is there an accredited doctorate program for Religious Studies (not DMin or Theology or pastoral studies, but actual Religious Studies) that is primarily distance?
  12. Pugbelly2

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    The closest thing I've found of this nature in the PhD in Leadership from either Tennessee Temple (TRACS) or Johnson (RA). Both have ministry options.

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