Cheapest online CFP program?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by nyfaisal, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. nyfaisal

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    Boston University has a special for $1895, but requires one time payment, and bad reviews on this board.

    Anything cheaper? I am a self learner, so I would want a program with minimal homeworks (i'll take the finals)

    It should satisfy the education requirements for CFP exam.
  2. nyfaisal

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  3. Ted Heiks

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    Could you enlighten me further on the minimum academic qualification necessary to sit for the CFP exam? If that is the MBA in Financial Planning or the MS in Financial Planning, there are likely plenty of those to be found in the MBA Sticky (with more to come, as I still have to post on DL MBAs From the Grest States of Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming). If the master's is not a minimum requirement for the CFP exam, please enlighten me.
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    Texas A&M-Commerce has an Online CFP program

    I have taken a Finance classes from the same faculty who teach for the CFP program, they are some of the best professors i have worked with. I am sure CFP program will be much more meaningful with them.

  7. nyfaisal

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    Thanks very much dl_mba for your links. Tamu courses are now priced at $400..which is VERY reasonable for the reputation of the school.

    BTW, are you doing DL_MBA with them?
  8. dl_mba

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    I started with online MBA but changed it to Online MSM for various reasons. I am planning to complete the program by Dec 2009.
    The classes are great(not easy) and learning a lot.
  9. raguraam

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  10. raguraam

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    I am also in the research phase. Did you find the cheapest one?
  11. nyfaisal

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    I enrolled in TAMU at $400 / course. I went to NYU SCPS course (on-site), but they require you to buy CFFP textbooks at $395, on top of $895/ course. But the teachers ar eexcellent at NYU.
  12. nyfaisal

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    I found a much cheaper one on google today! Dalton review at 30% off for $1700, and you get NYU certificate of completion . Great deal! UCLA, RICE sell the same program for $4600 or more!
  13. onlinelearner

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    Cheapest CFP

    Try the University of GA online program. Have heard from several colleagues that completed the program that it was good. they run specials all the time and you can usually get it for $1995.
  14. major56

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    University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh College of Business offers the online Executive CFP Certification Education Program. The cost of the program is $1,750 – a 9-month curriculum, but can be extended w/o additional cost.
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    I used the College for Financial Planning program but I do not think it is the cheapest. Whichever program you choose must be an approved program of the CFP Board of Standards to qualify as the educational component of the cert requirements.

    The College for Financial Planning program of study was good preparation for the actual CFP exam, which is quite difficult and comprehensive, and has a usual pass rate of around 50%. I also took a one week review course on campus with the college prior to the exam.

  16. Ian Anderson

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    Do you mean bad reviews 9which I do not recall) for BU or for this particular program?
    I used to live near Boston and the school was very well regarded there.
  17. Snoopy2

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    I got registered at NYU, price was really nice $1750. Does anyone know where can I get the used textbooks used by Dalton Education program? There is none on Amazon or Ebay.
  18. sshuang

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    You could go with The American College ChFC certification which also qualifies you to sit for the CFP exam. If you decide not to pursue CFP designation in the future, at least you will have ChFC under your belt.

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