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    How tough are they actually on the work experience for the PMP? I read on another forum that they actually audit around 10% of the test takes but noone was ever heard of failing the audit.
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    I just passed my PMP exam today and here is what I used:

    1. The PMBOK (obviously)
    2. The PMP Exam: How To Pass On Your First Try (3rd Edition), Andy Crowe
    3. The author of the above book also has a pretty good online prep system that I took for $99/month (

    I spent a little over two months studying for the exam and did very well. I read each of the two books twice and went through the online prep course twice. They audit 30% of the applications for the exam by the way (I was one of those lucky 30% guys). The process is kind of a pain and you should assume that you'll be audited.

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    I don’t recall the exact percentage but they do audit a certain percentage.In fact, someone I used to work with was audited. When I prepared my work experience, I made sure I used projects in which I stayed in contact with the manager or could easy get in contact with them in case I was audited and needed them to sign off on my project hours. Preparing the work experience was half the battle
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    I am not sure what information you are seeking. I don't have anything other than the link that was previously provided.
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    Online PMP Resource offers inexpensive online course inluding material, support during the membership. You can also earn 35 contact hours for as little as $99.
    They have a very structured and organized material and heard that other institutes also using their product.
    I think, they are the most economical and most effective provider to get PMI approved contact hours and prepare for PMP Certification Exam.
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    I did PMP. You don't need a prep. course.

    Read the PMBoK and work through the book "PMP Exam Prep, Fifth Edition: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam".

    That should be enough.

    Good luck!
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    With absolutely no project management experience? In other words can a mediocre student with average intelligence (me!) just pick up your recommended study materials and pass the exam?

    I thought there was a work experience component to the test?

    Suppose I could use your process and pass the CAPM?


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    Without any PM experience you won't get a chance to sit the test.

    During the application process you have to verify a certain amount of hours worked as a PM (company, project name, your role, project content, duration, budget, and so on). The amount depends on your education level.

    For PM starters there is the CAPM.

    Good luck!

    PS: Yes, I believe it would be possible to get enough points without experience. But I guess it is very hard to learn with our "real examples in mind".
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    need some advice

    i planned to go for PMP exam.
    i have sufficient experience (3 years) to qualify but unfortunately i dont have sufficient documentation to support it, worrying i might get audited and disqualified from taking the exam, should i apply for the exam and get a green light before i spend any money on exam prep course or books??

    anyone can suggest some template for me to prepare my working experience?
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    I guess your all links have been deleted and I would like to do PMP and need any help with free material you could provide.

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    Cheap PMP Training

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