Cheap online PMP Preparation course.

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by dl_mba, Jul 24, 2008.

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    PMStudy offers inexpensive PMP study material. You can earn 40 contact hours for as little as $89.99. I did not use any of the study guides in preparing for the PMP so I cannot speak to the quality of the material. I did take the free practice test and found it to be harder than the actual exam.
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    For actually passing the exam, I would recommend the following:

    1) PMP Exam Prep, Fifth Edition: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam

    2) PM FASTrack: PMP Exam Simulation Software, Version 5.2.0 (CD-ROM)

    3) PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide (Paperback)
    by Kim Heldman

    PM FASTrack is pricey but well worth it as the questions are very similar to the actual exam. The questions are situational and teach you to think the way PMI wants you to think which is the key to passing the exam.

    Please note, I took the older exam and used earlier versions of the books and software, but I assume they are still just as helpful.
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    PM College has an online course for $299.....not as cheap as some but an excellent program. The course requires you to take 'quizzes' before moving to the next 'chapter/section' of study...these quizzes are very very close to the actual exam questions. This is the course I used to get the necessary 40 hours of education to qualify for the exam.
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    I took and passed the PMP back in 2000. I used the PMBOK Guide and Harold Kerzner’s textbook. You definitely need to use the PMBOK Guide and pay attention to the glossary. Remember, PMP does not test your project management experience, it tests your project management book knowledge---as referenced in the PMBOK Guide. I teach a PMP prep course at my school—I use the PMBOK Guide and Kerzner’s Project Management textbook 9th edition, which is cross-referenced with the PMBOK. I have a 100% pass rate for my students who have taken the PMP.

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    Thanks for bringing this up. I recently looked into taking the PMI exam, even bought the PMBOK but didn't go for the exam yet. Kinda hard to work through it without a study guide. How much time do you guys usually suggest preparing for the exam?

    rtongue mentioned the site. They even offer Six Sigma Greenbelts. What do you guys think of the Six Sigma certifications? There seems to be an online inflation of companies awarding the Six Sigma belts.
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    I studied one to four hours every day for three months straight. Then, I utilized a fourth month for practice exams and brushing up on weak areas.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Several DegreeInfo members asked me for the studyguide, and video lectures. So, here it is...if the sharing material is prohibited in this forum...please let me know.
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    Thanks for sharing.
    This would definitely help.
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    Thanks a bunch Tekman!

    I saw this thread and decided to go after the CAPM for now. I sent my information in and hope to write the exam soon. I qualify for the PMP exam with the exception of the 40 hours of learning. I might even have that too. Thanks for the great links!
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    Hello again Tekman,

    Would you have the password for the Sybex study guide? I couldn't download the Cisco PM file either, thanks.
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    Gents and Ladies,

    Here are some more study guides, include AUDIO for spending time in the traffics.
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    Also Look at $400 Instructor led course at CertSchool a PMI Registered Educational Provider (Authorized to give required contact hours) offers courses at $400
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    Hello rtongue!

    Thanks a bunch for posting that $ 89.95 course! Just for the fun of it, I signed up on Friday night, did a couple of sessions and resumed the course on Monday and by lunch-time today, I had completed 40 hours of contact time. I applied to write the PMP exam and now I wait for confirmation. The course is setup to move through it quickly, seemed like great value and now I'm hoping it won't let me down when I write the exam.

    I originally signed up to take the CAPM exam and so I'll have to wait to take the PMP version. Is there any difference in the two exams other than the number of questions?

    Has anyone been able to parley their PMP into something else? Are there any other professional organizations that are this easy to get into? I would like to try another program if there is one out there.

    Thanks again for posting such great information. That's what makes this site so wonderful, when you stumble upon solid information like this.
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    Can anyone give me more info on this?
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    Glade I was able to help.

    I am not sure if requirements fall into your area of responsibility as a PM. If so, the International Institute of Business Analyst (IIBA) might be a nice complement to your PMI membership. Also, they offer the Certified Business Analyst Professional Certification (CBAP).
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    Could you supply:

    fellow member "nato76"

    with those rapidshare links to the various PMP programs please. Perhaps you could send them to him privately?

    I have the downloads but I no longer have the associated links and I can tell you, they are most helpful.

    I had a look at the IIBA program and it is a fit for me with the exception that I don't have any recent (last 4-years) work experience related to the subject matter as I'm running my own engineering/consulting business. I really appreciate your posts on the PMP subject and should be writing my exam for the CAPM title next week and the PMP shortly there-after.

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