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    My wife wants to pursue a masters in communication disorders (speech language pathology). She has only a few undergrad credits to this point. We are looking at her completing an associates first and then transferring to Utah State and finishing her bachelors there, but only if it is cheaper. Utah State is $262 per semester credit. Does anybody know of an associates that is cheaper than that? We are looking for a degree that could complement the communication disorders (psychology or early childhood education etc.).

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    For an Associate degree, your best bet is community college. You won't get cheaper than that. And even in your local area, you can likely do the degree completely online. I would suggest going that route and then transferring to a university for the last 2 years of the undergrad degree.
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    I know this doesn't specifically answer your question but the speech pathology field is a tough nut to crack. I personally know of two people with degrees in this field. One completely gave up trying to get a job as a speech pathologist and has worked in a bank now for years. The other was only able to find a part-time position. Maybe the market for speech pathologists is a bit better where you live but in my neck of the woods it's very tight.
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    Speech paths in the midwest is one of the best and hardest jobs to fill. School districts have unfilled vacancies every year because they are so hard to find.
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    New Mexico Junior College

    New Mexico Junior College - Distance Learning

    Perhaps the most affordable college anywhere if you are taking more than 12 credits/semester...Tuition and Fees - New Mexico Junior College Cheaper even than many in state colleges. note they offer both full term 16 weeks and two separate 8 weeks sessions per could take 12 each 8 weeks for a total of 24 credits in a semester and bring the cost down to something like $56/credit...I don't know where you could beat that for a RA program.

    You can take a load of CLEP exams to obtain the AA/AS, just be sure the university you want to transfer to will accept them. New Mexico Junior College - CLEP Challenge This means that even though the school year has started you can get rocking on your credits.
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    I teach special education and I know that around here it is a very tough position to fill. Districts are happy just to have applicants and many I know choose to work part tmie and can choose the days they work and all the district can say is, "what ever you want."
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    Ted, you need remedial 3 Stooges education.

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