Cheap and Quick way to Obtain Bachelour degree Distance Learning??

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  1. mahharrouf

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    Hi all seniors,

    I am newbie here and this is my first post. Hope to have helpfull guidance from you all.

    I am IT professional from Lima, Peru. I am Interested in a Bachelour degree via distance learning at your institution. I am working as IT professional since 9 years included 5 years self employed experience. I have done 13 years, 2 years college associate degree in computer sciences and 1 year degree in IT, studies plus several of professional courses in computer science. I am also Microsoft Certified System Administrator. This all a little background of myself. What I think is lake in my life is, Bachelor degree. I am currenty working as Remote Technician in US leading IT firm , Geeks Onsite, where I believe if i could have Bachelor degree in my profession, that would definatily enhance my career.

    I am sure I have all knowledge and abilities what a bachelor degree holder should have plus extensive experience of 9 years in profession, I think myself eligible for a bachelor degree. Due to some personal and professional reason, i was unable to do it in my past. I have all documentation of my education, professional education and life experience , work experinece.

    I want to study online while working a quick and cheap way. I know some online institution that charge too much and be honest you all, I cant aford that money.

    I am waiting for a kind and informative reply.


    Rouf, Lima, Peru.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!
  3. mahharrouf

    mahharrouf New Member

    Thanks for your information. I couldn't see if its possible to earn credits via exams while living outside from USA.

    Any other input please?????? Any reply would be highly appreciated.
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  4. Ted Heiks

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    You might get John Bear's books Bears' Guide to the Best Computer Degrees by Distance Learning and Get Your IT Degree And Get Ahead. Western Governors University offers IT degree based on proving competencies and they get a good write-up around here.
  5. tomball

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    Amberton University is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian institution of higher learning. Since 1971, Amberton has designed its programs to cater exclusively to the mature, working adult who seeks to benefit from the richness of a relevant, educational experience. The University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelor's and master's degrees, and is recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the U.S. Department of Education. In order to enroll, students must be over 21 years of age and have successfully completed coursework at an accredited United States college/university.

    Years before the Internet was popular and the term "distance learning" was born, Amberton University was providing "conference courses" to the working adult who had responsibilities that prevented predictable scheduling of time. It was a natural and easy move for the University to employ Internet technologies to make distance learning (e-Courses) available to those students who have the need, organizational skills, self-discipline, and talent for independent study and research.

    Amberton's distance-learning courses are identical to classroom courses in terms of learning outcomes and expectations. Both full-time and part-time professors who teach lecture courses also teach e-Courses. At Amberton University, in terms of competencies, lecture courses and e-Courses are one-and-the-same. Admission to the University, costs, and expectations of performance are the same for all students regardless of the student's location or course selection. All students who attend Amberton University are expected to possess a certain degree of computer literacy. All of Amberton's distance-learning degree programs and e-Courses comply with the "Principles of Good Practice" for distance-learning programs.

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