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    I know someone who is trying to specialize in 3 fields at once: cybersecurity, accounting, and data science. What they've achieved is impressive (multiple internships, degrees, certifications in each of these areas), but at the same time when I look at their resume, what jumped out at first was the lack of focus. If you're trying to hire this person for a cybersecurity position, all of the accounting stuff looks out of place. Ditto for the other 2.

    Then I considered that my own work has been proceeding on a few tracks too: I'm a Business Analyst working with Salesforce, but also got my Master's in Data Science, and wanting to get my PhD in Public Policy (or CS/DS/Information Science.)

    For those in the enviable position of having one focus and interest, it's easy. You pick that thing, you go for it. For those of you with multiple interests, passions, fields you want to excel in - how do you juggle them all?

    How do you decide which one to make a career vs a hobby vs a side-hustle?
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    Those are distinct, but not unrelated. I could see such a person being in demand for helping counter cybercrime, for example. Or working for a crypto startup.
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    I was thinking something similar. Sometimes, catching an embezzler or whatever requires sifting through large amounts of data for anything anomalous. Without accounting or cybersecurity knowledge, you might not realize the point at which the crime occurred. Sure, I think companies that do that sort of thing usually split the task(s) between different people. But sometimes they do want someone who is able to bring multiple diverse fields together.
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