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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Abner, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Abner

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    I am throwing this out there just in case somebody knows the answer. I currently have 78 hours with the Univeristy of Iowa DL Bachelor of Liberal Arts. I tested out of Spanish and was allowed to bypass a rhetoric class by turning in a work experience portfolio demonstrating my profiency in order to satisfy this requirement. If I apply to COSC, would they accept my Spanish "Test out"? And also, would they consider my rhetoric portfolio? Just wondering. When I applied with UOI I went in with 102 units of R.A. community college coursework, I was awarded 60 hours with UOI, Do you think COSC will be able to possibly give me more credit for my Community College coursework?

    Thanks, Abner :)
  2. lena00

    lena00 New Member

    I just applied for COSC in Dec, I think I saw on their website 90 credits is the maximium they will accept from 2yr colleges.
  3. Bruce

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    If the Spanish test was a CLEP exam or other standardized test, COSC will probably accept it. For the portfolio, you'd probably have to resubmit the evidence to COSC for evaluation.

    As for the RA CC credits, there's no way of knowing if COSC will accept more without seeing the transcript, but my gut tells me "probably".
  4. flightofpenguins

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    In my experience, COSC is less likely to award credits than either Thomas Edison or Excelsior, but your mileage may vary.

  5. Abner

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    Re: Re: Charter Oak State College

    Ok, Thanks to everybody who responded, I appreciate it. Who know, maybe I will apply at of the Big Three to see who gives me the best deal.

    Take care,


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