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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by cul, Jan 20, 2002.

  1. cul

    cul New Member

    If anyone could indicate the case(s) in which one has earned his degree totally through examiniations -
    it will be a great relief...

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Gary Rients

    Gary Rients New Member

  3. cul

    cul New Member

    Thanks indeed for the BA in 4 weeks program
    If you could detail and be in contact with me at [email protected]
    I'll be delighted...:)

    As to the Charter Oak's route:
    I have tried to find it in Dr. Bear's web site - but it's not there anymore.
    If you could, Dr. Bear, advise and direct me
    to this special opportunity.
  4. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    You can do the all-exam route at Charter Oak, Excelsior, or Thomas Edison State. All are regionally accredited schools.

    You'll need to order the catalog and materials from whichever of the three is most appealing to you... their programs are very similar, but each has advantages and disadvantages that make one or another of the programs stand out depending on which specific degree program you're seeking, what kind of experience you have, and what you're seeking to do with the degree.

    I'd suggest that you do some digging into the three and/or call their admissions people and discuss your specific needs. They are all pretty accessable and willing to discuss your specific needs.
  5. cul

    cul New Member

    Thank u indeed, Chip...:)

    May I ask if have the story of the guy who did it (which was published once in the website of Dr. Bear)...

    Thanks again, and in advance as well..:)))
  6. ddcameron

    ddcameron New Member

    I don't think there is much question that it can and has been done. There is if I am not mistaken an account of such in the Bears' most recent edition of their distance learning book.

    Have to admit that the web site, BA in 4 Weeks has convinced me to go the exam route instead of least as far as I can take it.

  7. cul

    cul New Member

  8. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    Originally posted by cul:

    * No no - it was published in Dr. Bear's web site !

    You're speaking of Roger Habeck's experience earning a BA from Charter Oak in about 10 months for about $1800, but I think his story is also in BG14. If not, you might try searching the forum here, but the search engine is broken and only intermittently brings up useful responses. (Soon to be fixed.) And if that doesnt' work, CALL CHARTER OAK. They certainly know about it.

    If so - what do you - or anyone else - know about that program ?
    Really thanks in advance.

    Um, well... why don't you read about it (the BA in 4 weeks) for yourself? It will answer nearly all of your questions...
  9. cul

    cul New Member

    A. Thank you indeed, Chip.
    B. What's BG14 ?
    C. I'll ask Charter Oak.

    BTW: I thought Dr. Bear would remind...
  10. slappy

    slappy New Member

    I can give you my personal experience. I went into Excelsior with 29 community college credits ( just shy of year 1) and completed the rest of a BLS degree with about 6 months of test taking.

    It actually spanned a little over a year but I took a 7 month break with only 15 credits shy to work day and night at an internet startup. It failed but I knocked out my 15 credits shortly after.

    BA in 4 weeks site wasn't out yet or I probably could of done it faster. I did scour the newsgroups and this site for the very informative posts by Lawrie and Tom Head, who I can absolutely give a great deal of credit to for me even having a degree today.

  11. cul

    cul New Member

    Great .
    It gives courage to try it.
    Thanks indeed :)
  12. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member


    USNY Regents A.A.: All by exam.
    B.S.: 115 of 120 sh by exam
    B.A.: All by exam.

  13. cul

    cul New Member


    If Dr. Bear could publish again the detailed story of Mr. Roger Habeck's experience earning his B.A. degree through exams only in about 10 months for $1800 from Charter Oaks College / University (of State ?) (I understand that it can be done through Excelsior College / University as through others as well).
  14. Chip

    Chip Administrator


    First off, John didn't post it in the first place, Roger did.

    Second off, you can find it yourself by searching on the archive

    Third, Roger's situation won't apply to you exactly because your experience and background is different from his, so the details won't really matter a whole lot.

    That's why I suggested calling Charter Oak directly. Their advising is excellent, and they'll give you a lot of help pre-admission as well, because they're great folks.
  15. duff

    duff New Member

    They are right, everyone's situation is different. However, my wife just finished her degree from Charter Oak State College in CT and let me just say, they have a great staff that is very helpful. I encourage you to call them.
  16. cul

    cul New Member

    Chip and Dear Friends,

    It's really relevant and efficient response(s);

    If only everyone will refer in a such respectful and useful way.

    Cool as well.

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