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    I'm only a few courses shy of completing an Associate's with Charter Oak. One item I'll need is Critical Thinking, which is a bit different than similar requirements at other schools. To quote the catalog:

    "Students will be able to organize, interpret, and evaluate ideas. May be met by taking any course in which a research paper, term paper, project or lab is required."

    Any ideas on how to do this in a short time frame? I was hoping to get this diploma completed this spring, and I don't want it to get held up over a seemingly minor requirement.
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    Don't think of it that way. I didn't know tha Charter Oak had such a requirement, but it could set you years ahead of your peers at other schools - especially if you move toward a bachelor's degree and, ultimately, a grad program. All too many college (and even graduate-level) courses involve a high school mindset - memorizing factoids and regurgitating answers on quizzes or exams. Critical thinking actually teaches you to think, analyze, process, organize, and even write.

    TESC used to have a similar requirement in the form of a Pre-Graduation Conference ("PGC") for B.A. students, but I believe they've done away with this. You'd be grilled by a professor for an hour or so on one or two questions, and you had to exhibit the ability to think, not just regurgitate.

    Frankly, I'm delighted to hear that COSC has made this part of their program. And to do it at the associate's level will give you an edge tha most people don't get - the ability of getting out of the "regurgitation" mode you were used to in high school.
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    You can fulfill it with a lower division English course. It's just not that exciting/daunting. In fact, it would be difficult to finish a degree there without meeting this requirement.

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    A bit expensive, but yeah, they'd work.

    I'll have to check these out.

    Thanks for the ideas!

    I'm not knocking it, it's just that I feel some time pressure to wrap up degree(s) as quickly as possible. That, and I'm a little spoiled, admittedly-- fulfilling most other requirements through credit by examination has been really nice. That's where the prior computer certs paid off for me-- those built highly effective study habits and exam-taking methodologies.

    Personally, I already feel I have written and verbal communication skills ahead of many folks around me. That said, I do see the value of COSC asking students to validate those skills before heading out to the work world or onward to a later degree.
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    Thanks. I was actually hoping you'd have some ideas, given your prior experience with COSC.

    What I've found so far that appeals the most is an Intro to Theater course from LSU. One paper at the end of it. I'll also look around at some of the online community colleges in CA, which will be cheaper but will likely be more time-consuming and schedule-bound.
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