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  1. If you check the www.degree.com site you will note that the new college is the graduate college of CEU.

    Monterrey Institute of Graduate Studies no longer exists, nor are there any operations based in the US. The degrees are deemed equal to US-RA and will, as was always the case, be issued by CEU.

    I have been very amused by the long bows drawn by many who profess to have qualifications based on solid research.

    Apart from the relocation of a an administrative function, nothing really has changed.

    I joined this group as my partner Michael will be doing a PhD from CEU, and did expect a little more class that has been exhibited here recently, and a little more substance than some seem capable of contributing in this subgroup.

    Well, I suppose, what else could be expected from academic aspirants? Pardon my jest.

    Patrick Carlyle DSc
    Brisbane Australia
  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Everyone who was running MIGS is still running the re-named MIGS. And they're still doing it from Florida, without the state's authorization.

    Funny, but now that MIGS has deleted "MIGS" and adopted the CEU's monniker, there is no mention of any staff or faculty of the CEU. At least before there was some attempt to show support by the CEU; now there is just the rented name. Does anyone doubt why I left?

    It is certain that MIGS never should have been MIGS; they would have gotten a lot more mileage by marketing themselves strictly as part of the CEU. But they really aren't that, either. MIGS is still owned and operated separately by people in the U.S. Even that would't be so bad, if they were up front about the arrangement, administration, awarding of degrees, etc.

    The phone still rings in Fort Lauderdale, where MIGS has its office. That makes this a big lie. Nothing new.

    Rich Douglas

    P.S.: I think its funny that MIGS (well, acutally, just Bruce Forman) was such a jerk to John and I, yet MIGS still includes my work on their website (which I did for free). Unprincipled. [​IMG]
  3. My boy, you do seem upset. Australian univerities that some of you seem to like, I'll never figure out why, operate almost identically overseas. Faculty can reside anywhere, and if you ever do locate a university that will accomodate you and whatever your requirements may be, IF they have any appreciable standards will be sending your thesis around the world for reading, comment and marking. You'd have aproblems with that?

    Maybe, having reread your rather confused posts on this topic, you should consider an alternative to doctoral study - really it just isn't for all of us son. It required a certain maturity of attitude that frankly, I think you lack.

    Just my opinion mind you, which you'll choose to accept, ignore or write about. I must check back later.

    Patrick Carlyle DSc
    Brisbane Australia
  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the advice. But this isn't about me (nor is it about you). It is about a school in Florida that now claims not to be in Florida. Your facts were in error; your opinions are yours and not for me to challenge. And your insults are inappropriate.

    You raise strawman arguments to refute, ones no one else seems to be raising. (There is no serious objection to faculty members residing in various locations, especially at a DL school. It is the lying about MIGS' true location that is reprehensible.) In doing so, you ignore the facts and the substance of many, many people's objections.

    Rich Douglas
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest


    From which institution did you earn your DSc, if you don't mind me asking, and at which school do you currently teach?

  6. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Welcome back, Dr. Carlyle.

    Did everyone associated with the operation in Fort Lauderdale suddenly pack up and move to Monterrey Mexico? That must be a tremendous culture shock for them. Did they have to sell their homes and pull their kids from American schools?

    This is kind of amazing. It must not be easy to move an entire university, especially to do it so quickly and with so little notice.

    At least if you use "GAAP" as your criterion. But GAAP is a pretty leaky ship, and I think that MIGS, or whatever it is now, is one of the more prominent leaks.

    I'm not claiming any qualifications, nor will I be impressed by any. We are all just words on a screen here, and our words stand or fall on their own merits.

    We can agree on that.

    Kind of an ironic remark, I'd say. LOL

    Insults make you feel better about yourself, but they don't convince others.
  7. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    I don't think that the issue is this sort of British-style "validation" relationship, per se.

    The problems with MIGS/CEU run along these lines:

    1. The ethics of the partner that CEU contracted with to offer their programs overseas.

    2. The fact that CEU only offered one masters degree program (according to the CEU's website) and only had three full time graduate faculty (according to ANUIES) before suddenly being approved by the state of Nuevo Leon to offer doctorates in multiple subjects. And then CEU immediately handed off those new programs to its mysterious American partner. Which resulted in that partner being "validated" to offer programs of a sort that the mother institution had no experience with nor ability to offer.

    3. Most importantly in my opinion, we have never had any kind of indication who (if anyone) has the responsibility to oversee what MIGS is doing here in the United States.

    It's true that an Australian university might validate a school in Singapore or someplace to offer degree programs at a remote site. But presumably competent oversight is maintained over what is happening in the field. If that's not the case, then serious criticisms of those Australian programs can be raised.

    In the past the British seem to have maintained a rather laissez-faire attitude to these validation relationships, leaving QA oversight to the mother university itself. Well, we all know about complaints of shoddy teaching and substandard education offered at the remote sites. The HEFC took notice of this and came out with their Code of Practice for Overseas Collaborative Provision. The Dearing report also addressed the issue. That massive report proposed the creation of a Quality Assurance Agency. This was duly set up and among its other tasks it undertook more aggressive supervision of the foreign collaborations, including international site visits.

    My concern is that Mexico has nothing remotely like that.
  8. Russell my dear lad, I am glad that you asked that question. But I will be brief. I will answer the latter firsly.

    I do not need to work. My family have not been poor for several generations and fortunately the bulk of the offspring have been highly intelligent females, either not attractive enough to marry, or more attractive to their own sex. Consequently I hold most of the accumulated wealth and proerties in Africa, UK Belgium, Canada and South America intact. In addition to this I have been blessed with above average intelligence, and have sufficent income from discreet royalties alone, to indilge Michael in whatever pleasures he desires. You see he is but a lad, and I an old man.

    And my qualifications? Let;s just leave it like this. My university has a Papal charter. I was able to tear myself away sufficently long enough from the peasures of youth with my own kind and status to do some studies from time to time. The results alarmingly attracted certian epople with brollies and bowler hats. They offered to give me the lifestyle i preferred whci I pursued with vigour and did also study occasionally. In the course of this diversion that study becomes to some of us, I made some remarkable discoveries that were immediately locked away from prying eyes as were my research papers. I am sorry about this, but I know your wishes to examine theses and disseertations but in my case you wont have the classification required to read it, not will any of you have the ability to understand it. It is all about control, making things go faster, and the goodies and the baddies - just stick to Ludlum, Cussler and their types as they are about your level.


    Patrick Carlyle DSc
    Brisbane Australia
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The director of my doctoral program (US RA)once told me that "one knows one is educated when one realizes one needs more education."
    Since I do not have the classification, nor the ability, to understand your research, perhaps I need more education. Alas, at least I am trying.

  10. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Peter. (Sorry, but this is stupid and should end.)

    Rich Douglas
  11. Caballero Lacaye

    Caballero Lacaye New Member

    Hello, Dr. Carlyle!

    Hmm...strange, indeed. Considering that you might study from a Mexican institution, I thought that you have some investment or that you were planning to invest in Mexico. Mind you, there are some nice Australian banks in Mexico, so you might start with them.


    Karlos Albert Lacaye
    [email protected]

    P.S.: By the way, I have been to the Australian Embassy in Mexico since it represents the whole Central American region. It is a nice and big place, indeed. Wow!!!

    P.P.S.: Just in case you don't know, I recently discovered that the cheapest Coronas can be found in Mexico. Gee, a real Coronal place!

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