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    I'm considering a few different Master's degree options to include the MBA, MBA w/ Finance, and Master of Applied Econ, and Master of Quantitative Finance.

    I don't have too much a problem in terms of pre-reqs with any of them but the Master of Quantitative Finance. I'd like to keep that option open, so I'd like to see what mathematics certificates I could get to make that possible. I'm specifically looking for an undergrad level math certificate that will incorporate classes like Calculus II, Calculus III, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra. An elective for C++ programing would make it all the better.

    I found something that looks up my alley at Brandeis, but I don't want to pay most of what I'd pay for a masters just to get pre-reqs for a masters.

    Certificate in Mathematics | Brandeis University

    MITx has some good free online learning courses, but I need something that produces a credential.

  2. edowave

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    If it is just prereqs you need, why not LSU Independent Study? They may not give you are "certificate", but they have most or all of the prereqs you need.

    Also, Shorter University might have what you need - Distance Calculus @ Shorter University .
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    Online NetMath (courses) University of Illinois
    Course List | NetMath at the University of Illinois

    Online NetMath Certificate of Professional Development in Applied Mathematics
    NetMath Certificate of Professional Development in Applied Mathematics

    UMUC: Undergraduate Certificate in Mathematics

    University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS): certificate program in Industrial Mathematics
    UCCS | Department of Mathematics

    UCCS Math Online courses
    UCCS | MathOnline- True University Mathematics on the Web

    Johns Hopkins University: online Math courses (Summer 2012)
    JHU Mathematics Onlince Courses 2008

    Omega Math courses (academic credit /transcript through Woodbury University)
    Omega Math - Math Courses Completely Online

    UC Berkeley Extension: Mathematics and Statistics courses
    Mathematics & Statistics courses - UC Berkeley Extension

    Adams State College: Undergraduate mathematics courses
    Mathematics Courses - Distance Learning - Extended Studies - Adams State College

    BYU: Math courses (undergraduate)
    University Online Course Catalog - BYU Independent Study

    Utah State: online undergraduate math courses
    Online Courses
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  5. Kizmet

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    major - you've clearly carved out a niche for yourself as THE researcher in these maters. So let me push you one rung further up that ladder. You've created a very nice list for Math certs. How about Statistics? Do you have a list for Statistics certs?
  6. major56

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    I possess no more of a niche or ability than anyone else; here are a few online statistics certificate program options:

    Texas A&M: online graduate certificates in statistics … both calculus and non-calculus based options (e.g., in Business Analytics, Biostatistics, Applied Statistics, and/or AP Teacher Training).
    Note: Available only to students residing in the Americas
    Online Learning at Texas A&M | Get Online Learning Statistics Certification

    Colorado State U. OnlinePlus: Applied Statistics and Data Analysis Certificate
    CSU Online Plus - Applied Statistics and Data Analysis | Online Certificate - Colorado State University

    Penn State World Campus: Graduate Certificate Applied Statistics
    Penn State | Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics | Overview

    Kennesaw State: 1) Online Certificate in Applied Statistics and 2) Statistical Data Analysis using SAS
    Online Certificate in Applied Statistics | KSU Statistics

    Kansas State: Applied Statistics
    Applied Statistics – K-State Division of Continuing Education

    Arizona State: Statistics (graduate)
    Statistics (Grad Certificate) | Online Degree Programs | ASU Online

    Rochester Institute of Technology: 1) Advanced Certificate in Statistical Quality
    and/or 2) Advanced Certificate in Statistical Methods for Product and Process Improvement
    RIT - John D. Hromi Center for Quality and Applied Statistics | Academic Programs | Advanced Certificates

    Stanford University: Data Mining and Applications Graduate Certificate
    Data Mining and Applications Graduate Certificate | Stanford University Online

    University of S. Carolina: Certificate Applied Statistics
    Certificate in Applied Statistics (CAS) : Department of Statistics

    California State-Long Beach: Jump Start Statistics Certificate Program (applied statistics certificate)
    Jump Start Statistics Certificate Program

    Swinburne University of Technology (AUS): Graduate Certificate of Science (Applied Statistics)
    Graduate Certificate of Science (Applied Statistics) at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
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    I used to work for one of the largest companies in the USA - they were always looking for people versed in Excel programming using VBA. I suspect this may be more useful then C++ in a business environment.
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    OK, that might be true but I think it's clear that people, myself included, find your listings quite helpful.
  9. major56

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    Thanks Kizmet,

    I’m encouraged that the participation is helpful to some ... a purpose (e.g., assisting others as regards distance leaning) of DegreeInfo. :usa2:
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    Even I have a similar query. I am an international student seeking admission to masters coursesin US. I have to complete 4 credits of calculus as a prerequisite for Masters in Analytics.

    I have browsed various sites and got to know that there is a credit-by-exam system used by students wherein by clearing exams one can claim and transfer credits on basis of scores.

    The various providers for this credit-by-exam system are CLEP, AP and Excelsior College.

    If anyone can give clarity on this, please reply.
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