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  1. tshkeng

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    Is it legitimate and accredited?

    IN RE Century University; is Licensed and authorized to grant degrees by the New Mexico Council of Higher Education and by the JUS(Laws) nevertheless, is unaccredited.

    Therefore, they only have the JUS PRAESENS by JUS to award degrees.

  3. Rich Douglas

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    1. No way to know.

    2. No, which explains #1.

    Century has never, ever been subjected to the level of scrutiny which would determine your first answer. They used to operate from California until that state required unaccredited schools to get approval from the state to operate. So Century moved to New Mexico, which--at the time--didn't control unaccredited schools. The state eventually realized they had several operations like Century operating from there, so they passed some rules about these schools. But they "grandfathered" existing schools, so Century is exempt. (I don't know if this has changed in the last year or so, you might want to check.)

    Century dropped its doctoral programs to apply for DETC accreditation. They didn't get it, and so reinstated the doctorates. This is not good.

    You might get a legitimate education at Century; no one really knows. But you won't get a legitimate degree, and that ought to matter. In many situations, it will.

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