Celebrities with degrees... (just 25 listed)

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    We all know there are many celebrities that have degrees, this is just a short list of 25...
    A few of them seem to have two or more, even an MD is on the list...
    I like that people have 'back up' options with their degree just in case their 'chosen' field doesn't cut it for them.
    Link: 25 Celebrities With Surprising University Degrees (msn.com)
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    I’m surprised they didn’t include Shaquille O’Neal (B.A. Louisiana State, M.B.A. University of Phoenix, Ed.D. Barry University).

    Besides O’Neal, many pro athletes have gone back to finish their degrees, even when there was no financial need. Off the top of my head, I can think of Marcus Camby (UMass), Emmitt Smith (University of Florida), and Joe Namath (University of Alabama).
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