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    I am searching for a certificate or diploma program in catholic education, catechist certificate, catechetics or the like.

    Distance learning (no residency)
    under $1000
    RA or NA not required

    so far, I have found:

    CERTIFICATE IN CATECHETICS(>$3500 plus books - DL?)

    advanced catechist certificate
    ($1529 plus books - hoping for affordable program, but like curriculum)

    Catechist Certificate (not DL)
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    The United States Catholic Bishops have surveyed all of the Catholic colleges and universities in the US, inquiring about the DL classes and programs that they offer to the laity. The annotated results are here:
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    Look here
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    thanks for the links...

    maryvale's programs are perfect for intent and purpose
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    Are you the same Tribilin of Ferrando?
  8. tribilin80

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    sorry to disappoint you....
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    We're not disappointed.

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