Carter and Obama

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by JWC, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Also similarly, I like Carter personally but just don't want him anywhere near my economy.
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    Same old tired and empty rhetoric. And Jimmy Carter doesn’t possess the wisdom to keep his mouth shut even at this late date (e.g., There’s no fool like an old fool)! Carter, an absolute failure on both foreign and domestic policies, yet his foolhardiness and self-importance just won’t allow himself to fade away. In fact, Carter believes /states that his [biggest] failure was not getting REELECTED (?).

    Jimmy Carter's Biggest Failure as President - YouTube
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    Carter was a defense hawk; he initiated several major programs including Star Wars (subsequently made public by Reagan), Peacekeeper (MX), F-17 stealth fighter, B-2 Bomber (that is why he canceled the B-1).

    Carter signed legislation making home brewing of beer legal (yea) and deregulating airlines (yea again).

    If you read the history of his presidency, most of his legislative accomplishments were with the support of republicans.

    I disagreed with his ban on US athletes from attending the 1980 Olympics.
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    He also continued the building program of the Los Angeles class fast attack submarines when some people wanted it downscaled or cancelled. Then again, he was a submariner in the Navy himself, so that's not surprising.

    I really wanted to like the guy, but he screwed things up so bad, I just couldn't. His nasty comments about George W. Bush didn't improve his standing with're a former President, you should be above that.

    I really never thought I'd see a worse President in my lifetime, but here we are. I just hope Obama's replacement is as good as Carter's replacement.
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    Ooops: I meant the F-117

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