Career Paths with a MS in Human Resources Management

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    So I determined I wanted to get an MS in HRM from Troy university because I enjoy the information and topics covered in this educational path and love many of the aspects of the HR job. However, I was not planning to even have to think about "employing" my Masters degree for many years.

    I am currently 4 classes away (IE two terms) from completing my MS with Troy and have recently underwent neck surgery and sadly will be going in for a second neck surgery in a few short weeks. Once this second surgery is over it will be only a matter of time before the Navy decides to separate me from service and send me packing. May be with medical retirement or it may be medical separation (means the difference between retirement benefits, permanent pension, and medical insurance or a large check and go see if the VA will give me a disability pension).

    Either way I will need a job. So now I really have to start looking at possible career paths with my MS HRM. I am 28 years old at current so I am not necessarily considered "old" for joining the workforce. I currently have 8 years experience in the military with a break out looking like this, 5 years as a Departmental level Career Counselor (essentially 5 years of HR experience), 8 years administrative support, 5 years contract management, 5 years facilities management, 7 years in leadership roles, and 8 years financial management and budget planning. I should have my PHR certification in the next 6 months to a year depending on if I make it first time up or not. If I get separated it will be as an E5 (maybe an E6 if things go well on my next advancement exam cycle).

    So I guess the point of this is wondering what ideas people have as to what careers I may qualify for considering my experience (I can go more in depth if needed), age, and degree. I have to start working on a more professional resume in the near future as my current one is not really on par with what is needed in today's tough job market.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for any input.


  2. bpreachers

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    Not even sure if this is allowed so if it isnt one of the Mods are welcome to delete it but for more in depth information please view my linkedin profile as I try to keep it as updated as possible.

    Brian Preachers, CHS I-III, CHS IV | LinkedIn
  3. Julie1014

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    Brian, I don't have any advice for you, but I just wanted to take the time to wish you the best of luck with your upcoming neck surgery and searching the job market.

  4. Ian Anderson

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    My best man spent almost three years doing HR work after he signed up for service with the USN. Is there a possibility you could transfer to such a job in the USN.
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    Make sure you look at federal jobs, you'll have a leg up with your veterans points. Good gigs that pay half way decent. Seems to be a lot of HR people in the federal service. If you are mobile then you should not have too difficult a time getting hired on. Come work for the Army as a civilian it has been great for me and I like it a lot. Good luck to you and take it easy after those surgeries.

  6. Rich Douglas

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    Career paths? Staffing, workforce analysis, evaluation, workplace performance, learning and development (HRD), human capital management, strategy, job analysis and classification, hiring, compensation, benefits, employee relations, labor relations, employee wellness, HR information systems, knowledge management, organizational development, career development, consulting, and finally, the NHL. :)
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    Brian, good luck with the second surgery. I had C5/6 discectomy, laminectomy and fusion when I was 27 (much too young) and spent six-weeks in a C-collar. If that's what you're going through, hang in there. It wasn't that bad.

    I think an MS in HR is a good stepping stone for a lot of positions and I think it is a viable career path.
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    The issue with a lot of the federal jobs is I am unsure how my military experience translates into GS experience. What I mean by that is say there is a HR Generalist opening but it requires at least 1 year of verifiable experience at or equal to the GS8 level. Well I have no idea what GS8 experience would be in the military haha.

    Thanks, the only issue with the majority of this list is I am not sure if I would have the right experience to be able to be hired for any of them. In today's labor market military experience has lost a ton of its utility from what I understand. And LMAO at the NHL lol.

    Basically the same situation. 28 going through a Spinal laminectomy and decompression C3 - C7. Had ACDF C4/5 - C5/6 in August. I will be in a hard brace for a while but I am not certain how ling that is going to be. I just know my doctor says I can't drive for the first 6 weeks.

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