Car insurance availabe to Veterans and their families

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    There is a commercial on TV about some insurance that is available to military veteran's and their families. I haven't seen the commercial lately, and I can't remember what it is called. I believe it is something like USAXXXX. Do any of the military vets here have such insurance? I am mainly concerned about car insurance, but would also be interested in any other forms of insurance they offer.

    I want to see about applying for that since my dad is a vet. I imagine they will ask for a copy of his DD214 or something. If he can't find it, how do I request a new DD214 for him? I heard this insurance is the best, and is inexpensive. I am going to see about getting my dad signed up for that too.

    Your comments and help would be appreciated.
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    We've been with USAA for 15 years. We have our car, rental, and home insurance with them along with a Savings and Checking account. The rates are very good, the service is unequalled and the coverage is fantastic. Highly recommended. Abner, a while back there was a thing where children of vets could get accounts with USAA too, might be something to look at for yourself. They have a car buying service that I've used to good results, and they have another service to help with moves that we used one time that was a good thing as well.

    Finding your DD214:

    You can request them online (need personal information like DOB and SSN) or you can fill out the forms and fax/mail them in. It's very easy to do but takes a while to process (I recently requested my late Uncles service information for burial in a national cemetery and it took about 6 weeks to get his dd214).
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    Started with USAA back when I was a student officer at the field artillery school (Ft. Sill, OK) when I was a young Marine 2ndLt (FAOBC). A retired Army COL sold me my first USAA policy. Back then USAA restricted their policy coverage to Commissioned and Warrant officers. They’ve expanded their eligibility and services quite a lot over the years (banking, financial services, etc., etc.) Overall, an excellent firm … not necessarily the lesser in premiums though. However, they do distribute annual dividends every December among their policy holder members.

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