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    Capitol Technology University has a large selection of unique doctoral programs. In my opinion, some of them are redundant and/or too specific. Do people really need degrees in space cybersecurity, healthcare cybersecurity, and financial cybersecurity? Why not offer concentrations? The occupational risk management and occupational health and safety programs are practically the same thing.

    They accept up to 42 transfer credits for all of their doctoral programs except for the DSc in Cybersecurity and PhD in Business Analytics and Data Science. I can't remember how many transfer credits are accepted for those, but the amount is much lower. Doctoral transfer credits can be up to 10 years old. In almost all of the programs, the coursework focuses solely on writing the dissertation or three publishable articles. Unlike the vast majority of doctoral program in the United States, Capitol Technology's doctoral programs are not course-based. If you're able to transfer in 30+ credits, you can possibly finish in one year.

    When searching for their graduates to see if they were teaching at other colleges and universities, there were a good number of DSc graduates in tenure-track positions.

    PhD in Artificial Intelligence

    PhD in Aeronautical Science

    PhD in Construction Science

    PhD in Counterterrorism

    PhD in Critical Infrastructure

    PhD in Cyberpsychology

    PhD in Cybersecurity Leadership

    PhD in Emergency and Protective Services

    PhD in Facilities Management

    PhD in Financial Cybersecurity

    PhD in Healthcare Cybersecurity

    PhD in Human Factors

    PhD in Manufacturing

    PhD in Military Leadership

    PhD in Occupational Health and Safety

    PhD in Occupational Risk Management

    PhD in Operational Technology

    PhD in Product Management

    PhD in Quantum Computing

    PhD in Real Estate Management

    PhD in Space Cybersecurity

    PhD in Technology

    PhD Unmanned Systems Applications

    PhD in Technology with MS in Research Methods (for those without a master's degree)

    PhD in Business Analytics and Data Science

    DSc in Cybersecurity

    Doctoral Degrees | Capitol Technology University (
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    I thought about transferring to the Ph.D. in Emergency and Protective Services just when I was about to start my dissertation at Liberty. Since the programs do not require any coursework, I don't think the idea of offering concentrations would work. I agree though, that all those specific degree titles seem too much. They could offer, for instance, a Ph.D. in Business Administration and allow the student to focus their dissertation on production management, facilities management, etc.

    How do you know the graduates are in TT positions versus NTT?
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    Just an educated guess based on some schools mainly hiring their assistant and associate professors as TT. At some schools, all of their NTT faculty are called visiting professors, instructors, or lecturers.
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