Canada's Newest Medical School - Opening 2026 at SFU

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    Interestingly this was first announced in 2020 and then delayed to 2026.

    If they accept 200 students a year (roughly what UBC accepts, no idea what slots SFU is projecting), they would only be 12 years away from closing the gap of a million patients without a family doctor (assuming every student graduated, every graduate went into family practice and doctors were perfectly distributed, all of whom inmediately took on the 2300 patients per family doctor that is average.)
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    That's five "ifs." My astrologer is shaking her head. :)
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    Also assuming that when the first cohort graduates 200 new two-year family practice residency positions become available, and that the incumbent family physicians accepting new faculty positions in the medical school and residencies continue to carry full patient loads.
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    Don't forget to subtract all the new MDs that move to the US because they're tired of being overworked and underpaid!
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