Can you test out of a master's degree class?

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  1. anngriffin777

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    Is there some type of upper-level, graduate test, portfolio, life experience credit, etc., available for a master's degree? I think it may not be, but I am not sure. You guys seem to know about all kinds of not-so-well-known alternative ways to earn credit in academia. Spill the beans.
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  3. sanantone

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    For WGU's master's in information security and assurance, you can skip over some competencies if you already have the certifications for which you would be testing in order to complete the competencies. A couple of colleges give graduate credit for the CISSP and PMP. Heriot-Watt's MBA program consists of tests instead of courses.
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    and of course there is a quasi test out option with the for profit Patten U.....but I can't see choosing them over WGU....but that's just me. :)
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    On that note, if there was a way to test out of an entire Master's degree, I'd be the first to enroll and the last to graduate.
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    Hello this may and probably has been asked already, however my search skills are not having any luck. Are there any updated answers to what was asked?
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    To my knowledge there have been no significant changes

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