Cambridge University Press Caves to Chinese Censorship

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    C.U.P., the highly respected academic publisher, has agreed to remove hundreds of journal articles from the version of China Quarterly distributed in China that the Chinese government didn't want Chinese readers to see. The offending articles apparently contained references to the 1989 Tianamen Square massacre (which supposedly never happened) and the Cultural Revolution (which never happened either), to Taiwan, Sinkiang and to Tibet.

    Don't like our rules? Then leave, China newspaper says after journal censored | Reuters

    "'Western institutions have the freedom to choose. If they don't like the Chinese way, they can stop engaging with us,' said the editorial in the Global Times, a nationalistic tabloid under the Communist Party's official People's Daily newspaper."

    And we know that if C.U.P. withdrew from China, the Chinese would just steal the intellectual property. (There are already Chinese websites that have what looks like the entire C.U.P. catalog of ebooks available for illegal download. That's ok with the Chinese communist government, but mentioning Tianamen, Taiwan or Tibet isn't.)

    It's amazing how craven these kind of people (not just academics like Cambridge, but all the Silicon Valley tech firms who want nothing more than to make gobs of money in China and are willing to compromise every principle to do it) are when it comes to the Chinese communist dictatorship, and how vicious and outspoken they are in their hatred for Trump, who has never done anything even remotely like China does every day.

    The hypocrisy is so pervasive that it's almost surrealistic.
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    You'd think that the British would have learned from previous attempts to appease oppressive regimes.
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    I think Google caved in too, limiting access to this and that.

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