Calvin University to acquire Compass College

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    When you only have 74 students, you have to find a way to help your students with their studies, either have them teach/transfer out to another college/university or get merged into a larger institution. Campus did just that, they're getting acquired by Calvin University, Calvin only has 3,257 students, with the 74 added students, they'll just go a bit over 3300...

    Link: Calvin University to acquire Compass College of Film & Media | Higher Ed Dive
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    I believe Calvin transitioned from being a college right? A couple of my friends from my town in Nigeria schooled there as Calvin College, Michigan I believe. The present president of the University grew up in my town too, Jos, Plateau State. His name is Wiber Boer and was on radio when I was a kid and adopted the name "Yohanna Maigona" on radio
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