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    Dear All:

    In a different post in this forum, I've read that Calcoast is a fairly decent unaccredited school with Cal's full 5 yr approval, and that there is hardly any "time-bomb" incidents that happened to their grads. What bout California Pacific University?
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    As an aside, remember that hardly any is more than one. If your luck is like mine, you end up being the one. Much better to do a UNISA degree for comparable money, but with accepted "accreditation".

    Tom Nixon
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    I grew up in San Diego, and was stationed there twice while in the Air Force. I had an opportunity to drop by their offices when they were in Mira Mesa. The president/owner gave me the nickel tour and we talked about the field of distance education and Cal Pacific's role. It was nice, and it was clear they were doing what they did very well: deliver non-resident business-related degree programs.

    Cal Pacific went through a period where they were affiliating themselves with a number of schools. They has a brief flirtation with Alabama A&M, essentially hosting that school's evening MBA program in San Diego. Their Ph.D. program was, for awhile, affiliated with the very wonderful--yet never accredited--International College in Los Angeles. Also, Cal Pacific toyed with the idea of expanding the scope of their degree programs, but decided to stick to their very narrow curriculm.

    Geneology note: The president/owner of Cal Pacific received his Ph.D. from National University before National was accredited. (National's programs--including doctorates--were state-approved.) Cal Pacific awarded a Ph.D. to the person who went on to found La Jolla University. And so it goes.

    Rich Douglas, Ph.D. (Candidate)
    Centro de Estudios Universitarios
    Monterrey, NL, Mexico
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  5. John Bear

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    California Pacific has been about as low-key and low profile as a distance school can be. I more than 20 years, I've probably had a grand total of five letters on them, and zero news articles. The only bad publicity they ever got was inadvertantly from me: the time I briefly confused with them the phony California Pacifica University.

    I am even persuaded that founder-owner Charles Dalton has no connection with Newport owner Theron 'Ted' Dalton.

    John Bear
  6. Rich Douglas

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    Wrong Dalton. BTW, my source for this information is the San Diego Union-Tribune, which did a big article on this situation. (The La Jolla U. founder was author Eli Djeddah.)

    Rich Douglas
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    No, I got the right Dalton. Wrong answer from you though Rich. Maybe you've got the wrong Dalton. My source is the California Pacific Catalog. Beat that one. Although, I guess the catalog could be wrong and the owner/president of Cal Pacific doesn't know where his degree is from.


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