CalArts Becomes Parent of Vermont College of Fine Arts

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    California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is becoming the parent institution of Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA).

    VCFA is a low-residency private non-profit university which was part of Norwich University until 2001, then part of Union Institute & University until 2008, then freestanding since 2008. CalArts is an on-campus private non-profit university (with an endowment exceeding $200 million).

    VCFA will continue to have its separate name, accreditation (RA NECHE), administration, and faculty. VCFA will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of CalArts: The corporation underlying VCFA will become a single-member corporation of which CalArts is the member. VCFA will have its own governing board with a majority named by CalArts and a minority named by VCFA.

    VCFA's headquarters will continue to be located in Montpelier, VT, but from 2025 on its residencies will occur on the CalArts campus in Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County.

    VCFA Announces Partnership with CalArts [Announcement]

    Vermont College of Fine Arts to become wholly owned subsidiary of CalArts
    (Natalie Schwartz, Higher Ed Dive, April 3, 2024)
    Vermont College of Fine Arts to Collaborate With California College (Anne Wallace Allen, Seven Days, April 2, 2024)
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    May as well absorb it entirely, then.
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    And name the whole package California University of Vermont? :) (We had California University of Pennsylvania - which is now PennWest California.)

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