BYOD policy in SCHOOLS? Yes or No

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  1. cofflehack

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    There are hear says that our school will implement BYOD policy this year! Do you think this would work on children’s learning experience? Any suggestions about bring your own device (BYOD)? TIA
  2. Ted Heiks

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    Hmm ... (shakes his head)
  3. Neuhaus

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    When I was in the first grade I had a problem with reading. The biggest issue was that my school wasn't really teaching us how to read. They were making us copy word lists and memorize vocabulary words.

    I knew that C-A-R was "car." I knew how to pronounce it because it was what I memorized. My reading comprehension was low and my ability to add vocabulary was slow. So my mother went out and bought some reading system. It was all on audio cassette. She sat there with me each night and we went through the work book and listened to the tapes. Within a few months I could read. In fact, when I was tested at the end of the year, I was reading at a third grade level and my teacher made a point of coming over to my mother to say "See? I told you he would be fine if you would just be patient and let me do my work."

    I'm a big fan of technology in the classroom. I'm not into the idea of teachers going in and doing whatever they like under the guise of being "highly trained" professionals or chalking up ineffective pedagogy to "different styles."

    I'm a bit torn on BYOD. When I went to school the school provided you with books. I think they should do the same with devices. At the same time, I don't want my kids' school forcing them to learn to use some Indonesian knock-off tablet. Good thing? Bad thing? Time will tell. My biggest concern with BYOD is how lower income students are treated and if it creates yet another layer of status symbols that detract from learning.
  4. cofflehack

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    I agree with you that unfortunate individuals might not be given the same opportunity. Anyway, nearby companieslink removed by Moderator are also implementing BYOD. Honestly, do not agree with this, but as far as I can see, advantages outweigh disadvantages. :)
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