Bus formation outside NRA Children's Museum in Texas

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    Wow, that's a lot of busses, and they also created a "formation" that looks like a rifle if you have a "bird's eye view" from above. But the most interesting is, how did they get the exact calculation on the number of seats to match the shooting deaths! 4,368 empty seats that are tallied to the same number of children killed since some time in 2020!

    What they should do is send a message to *ALL* states, not just Texas. I guess having this on the news does just that... Hopefully they can do something more, lawmakers should rally and "make viable changes and extra laws". Link: 52 school buses travel to Ted Cruz’s home carrying school shooting victims’ items (msn.com)
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    Easy. Divide the number of seats in one bus into 4,368. That tells you how many buses. The remainder is the last bus - you may have to temporarily remove a few seats on that one to get an exact count. If different types of bus, with different seat totals are involved - just start adding seats-per-bus until you get to 4,368 or just over. Then remove the few unnecessary ones - if any - on the last bus.

    Long division. That's grade 3, I think, Bryan. A lot of kids who died could have solved that. I'm perplexed as to why you, a college grad, would have to ask.
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    I'd rather we solved the problem of WHY THESE KIDS DIED - and how to prevent it - rather than the problem (?) of replicating the seating arrangements. I somehow think that Texans, in general, don't want to hear my suggestions on prevention. Nor do I think a lot of people in other states would, either.

    "Git th' rope, Zeke!"
    "Cain't, Clem. This fella Johann's jest too full-a bullet-holes. Jest leave 'im. Th' buzzards'll git 'im."
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  4. Charles Fout

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    1. This "museum"has no affiliation with the National Rifle Association. The NRA National Firearms Museum is in Fairfax, Virginia www.nramuseum.org
    2. Ted Cruz lost the chance of anyone taking him seriously the moment he took the Presidential Oath of Office inside of Glenn Beck's bogus Oval Office.

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