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    My wife has a BS Medical Technology from University of South Dakota and she is looking to get a BSN online. Locally they have a one year full time progam for people with health care realted BS's, but we have 3 young children and she would like to do it on line. Any suggestions?
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    Does she have her RN license? Most (if not all) online BSN programs that I am aware of require previous completion of the RN license. There is really no way to get all the clinical/hands-on experience from an online program. They are designed for nurses that have an RN but don't have a BS degree and would like to further their education.
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    You can apply to this program without an RN but you are limited to doing your clinicals at the following hospitals:

    Currently, clinical spots are only open at the following hospitals:

    * Cedars-Sinai Hospital – Los Angeles, CA
    * Fountain Valley Regional Hospital – Fountain Valley, CA
    * Riverside Community Hospital – Riverside, CA
    * Los Alamitos Medical Center – Los Alamitos, CA
    * Lakewood Regional Medical Center – Lakewood, CA

    Here are the requirements for admission to this program from the Excelsior website:

    "The baccalaureate program is open to registered nurses who have successfully completed the NCLEX-RN and have a current license to practice as an RN in the United States."
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    If she has her RN, you have hundreds of options...if not, well, that's the first step. Once you have your RN, you can even jump over the BSN into master programs- but you need that RN first.
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    She could try applying to the Excelsior ASN program. However, if she does not have direct experience in treating patients (e.g. experience as a paramedic, LPN, etc.), then the chances of being accepted are slim to none. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to call them up and ask.

    University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh offers a twelve-month, Accelerated Online Bachelor's to BSN program. The didactic courses are completed online, while the clinical rotations are completed at a site in your local community. The program requires three weeks in Oshkosh. There are also a number of required pre-requisite courses.

    In addition, your wife would need to have her CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) certification, in order to be eligible for the BSN program. Perhaps there is a local CNA program that your wife could complete prior to applying to the above program. Just a thought.

    Best of luck.
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    University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

    The 1 year BSN at University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh is a great find!
  8. AV8R

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    Definitely a great find...what a great way to make a career change!
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    Thanks. I know that there is at least one other program like this out there. I'm trying to remember the name of the school. Once I remember, I'll post a follow-up message in this thread.
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    She does not have her RN, but does work in the hospital lab. She actually makes as much and the nurses with the BSN's, but they get to work 3 12 hour days and get paid for 40 and she has to work 5 8 hour days. One of the local universities here has a 1 year full time program to get your BSN if you already have a BS in a medical field which she does. Just tough to do with 3 little kids. Thanks for all of the great replies.

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