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    I read that Brooklyn Park University started a new engineering degree. I started to look at their accredidation and they look like a mill. No US accreditors listed and the foreign ones they list seem to be fake. One of the listed accreditors has a website that has been suspended. Does anybody have information on them? Their URL is Brooklyn Park University
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    Definitely a degree mill. Some of the "accreditors" are obviously sites "owned" by whoever made the "University" site. They were careful to pick initials almost the same as recognized accreditors. That is one of at least 20 signs present that guarantee it's a MILL.

    Stay away! Hold on to your money -- tightly!

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  3. Johann

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    I just checked "whois" on "Brooklyn Park U." It's hiding behind a privacy screen. Always a bad sign for a "school."

    Direct Privacy ID 547B2
    P.O. Box 6592
    Metairie, LA 70009

    So - we don't know if the school owner is in Pakistan, Moldova or Umm-al-Quwain. Certainly not in Metairie LA. I doubt if he/she is in the USA. Darn! this is the second mill I've found in a week that's behind a privacy setup in Metairie LA. The other was Orlando University -- not the similarly-named school that is a DETC applicant, but a "beast of 71 majors" that e-mails people about $499 degrees, among other things. It has links to Pakistan and also the Middle East.

    I won't give that Orlando U. a direct link. Would not be good forum-etiquette. I'm sure you can find both of them if you're curious.

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    Definitely words of wisdom!!!

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