Breaking News-Nationsuniversity withdraws DETC Accreditation

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by saharapost, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Helpful2013

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    Yes, that was a bit of a shocker.
  2. Steve Levicoff

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    Hard to believe that this numb-nut holds a legitimate degree in Aeronautical Engineering. The question arises:

    Did he graduate from the legitimate Christopher Newport University in Virginia (doubtful), or the unaccredited Newport University that moved to California from its original locale in Wyoming, where they would have had to comply with laws requiring DoEd-recognized accreditation for Wyoming schools? Or perhaps the apparent degree mill Newport University in Latvia that claims GAAP as its primary accreditation?

    I'd make a guess that it's the European mill. This guy is waaaaaaaay too dumb to have graduated from a legitimate Newport, especially since his English is beyond the level of acceptable, even for someone for whom English is not his first language.

    The other question, since he necromanced a totally irrelevant thread, is whether his original message contained a spam website link that was removed by a moderator? In which case, might it not be better for the moderators to simply delete the entire message than allow it to enjoy what will obviously be a non-constructive afterlife?
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  3. Kizmet

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    He alleges that he needs to get his degree validated by WES doesn't know how to contact them. But he was able to find us here at DI. OK, I'll play along. Sometimes trolls can be fun.

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