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    ¡No, gracias! ¡No deseo ir allá! :sad:

    Info pilfered from a posting by our esteemed member and degree-mill expert Dr. John Bear on another forum, re: 335 Boyd Ave. Sharon PA

    "At that address, we find the Laurel Technical Institute and the Shenango Valley Coml* Institute and the Business Institute of Pennsylvania.
    Spokeo lists six residents: Mmes. McMahon, Mahon, Ross, and Kilgore, and Messrs. McMahon and Uebel. There is no Google street view, but their satellite picture kind of looks like a private home.

    * Comical?"

    BTW - I think the El Paso address, 9611 Acer Ave may have been correct for the legit "Border Institute" when it was operating. Long gone, now.

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    The "Business Institute of Pennylvania" site is a phoney. Business Institute of Pennsylvania | Home. It has cribbed at least part of its text from the legit Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY at Both sites have identical passages about "One hundred ninety-three full-time faculty include Fulbright Scholars, published and national best-selling authors."

    Now we have a Canadian-country-coded site for a bogus supposed-Pennsylvania "University." What a clumsy fraud this is!

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    From a Highbeam page:


    Looks like the "Business Institute of Pennsylvania " is indeed another possibly disused and definitely "hijacked" name, as described earlier.

    Searching for the Shenango Valley Commercial Institute leads to pages for Laurel Business Institute and Laurel Technical Institute. Both, from their pages, appear to be career-type schools that max out at Associate Degree level. Both pages appear (so far) unsullied by the fraud affecting "Business Institute of Pennsylvania" or "Border Institute of technology" pages discussed.

    You can see the "Laurel" pages from here:
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    I'm quitting while I'm still behind.

    Reason - I know no matter how much dirt I unravel here:

    (1) Nobody cares.
    (2) Nobody will do anything about it.

    It's not even entertaining any more. Sorry I bothered anyone. :sad:


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