Bogus Honorary PhD from City University ?

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    It's interesting to see the same people show up on different public boards and commissions, one after the other. This is particularly visible in Canada, which has a much smaller population than the USA. It's almost like there is a class of activist who has no great accomplishment, insight or talent, but happens to be politically-connected. In Canada, these people are often rabidly left wing/liberal by USA standards. The same kneejerk Canadian liberals cycle through commission and commission, dominating the narrative of public debate.

    I ran across one "Dr. Nalin Kanuck" on several websites. He is connected with several commissions, boards, and Associations in Canada having to do with human rights. He was appointed to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and most lately to the (taxation) Assessment Review Board.

    What's interesting is that Nalin Kanuck claims a doctorate. One some webpages this is a straightforward earned doctorate. One at least one webpage, the doctorate is said to be an "honorary doctorate in public administration from the City University of Los Angeles." See

    According to Bear's 16th, City University claims "recognition" by the "Ancient and Sovereign Empire Washitaw de Dugdalmoundyah".

    I've asked the Assessment Review Board if there is an innocent explanation for this. My inquiry has been acknowledged, but no resolution yet.

    My take on this is that he may have obtained a bogus PhD in Public Administration from City University, but then realized that he would be discovered if he claimed it as an earned PhD. Seems a bit less sleazy to claim it only as an "honorary" degree. I wonder if this tactic is common and effective.
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    As far as I am aware, City University of Los Angeles is a non-accredited institution. Not DETC or RA or even state licensed. If this is the case, the degree is basically the same IMO if it is honorary, bogus or earned.

    Their "accreditation" page seems to be written to confuse readers as it tries to confuse the reader into believing that the DETC, State of California and/or Regional accreditation has been granted to them, but they don't seem to be accredited by any of these.

    As I said, if this person is claiming a "degree", whether "earned" or honorary, they are claiming a degree from a degree mill.
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    I should add, that if the person in question is claiming an "honorary" degree from CULA, that isn't quite as bad as saying they 'earned' the degree, but still stinks. Why would anyone want an honorary degree from a degree mill?
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    Oh! But Mohammed Ali, Ethel Kennedy, and Coretta Scott King hold degrees from CULA! Are you saying that this doesn't make them a good school? :D
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    Yeah, you're right, a doctorate from a degree mill ain't much of an honor, now, is it? :confused:

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