Big Three Grads, What Did Your Degree Do For You?

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  1. Great - 2 relatively easy ECE exams are Labor Relations and HR, and both are upper division.

    For DSSTs, if he needs upper level credit I highly recommend:

    - Management Information Systems (counts towards business too)

    - Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union or Civil War and Reconstruction (I didn't take either but took History of the Vietnam War which is no longer offered, but if these are similar and your friend enjoys history it shouldn't be that difficult).

    Business Law II is more challenging but still definitely doable, and it applies for biz credit and is upper level. Most recommend staying away from Money and Banking as it is much tougher.

    If I can help further feel free to ask!
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    Here's what my former student needs to finish with a BS in General Business. He has 107 credits, but none at the upper division. He's under the community college cap, as the credits are from my CC + UW-Madison and Winona State:

    DSST Exams:

    Bus Law 2 - Elective (UL)
    Principles of Finance - Elective (UL)
    Organizational Behavior - EC Requirement
    Business Ethics and Society EC Requirement (UL)

    BUS 350 - Financial Management at EC
    BUS 495 - Business Policy at EC

  3. Strange that DSST Principles of Finance and BUS 350 Financial Management aren't duplicate credit...when I searched Excelsior it shows BUS 350 as "Principles of Finance":

    I wonder if your friend could take the DSST Principles of Finance exam and then substitute in either the Labor Relations or HR ECE. Cheaper and one less class to take.

    Here's a thread that I answered over 5 years ago about Labor Relations with a recommended text:

    Also, if your friend hasn't taken an info literacy course (1 credit) he'll need that as well.
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    Here's a thread that I answered over 5 years ago about Labor Relations with a recommended text:

    HR would be duplicate credit since he completed it at my CC (I would know - I was his instructor).

    Labor relations would be a different course...
  5. I'd look at Labor Relations then.

    Here's a link to another book which is well-aligned to the ECE - can get an older version for around $10. The Labor Relations Process (9780030258411): William H. Holley:…

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