Big Three Grads, What Did Your Degree Do For You?

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    You're absolutely right. In technical fields, a technical degree is better than a non-technical degree like philosophy. But both things being equal, the applicant with the degree from a more prestigious school will get interviewed and/or hired.

  2. thaddoc

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    Great success story. Posts like this give me alot of hope.

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    In October of 2006, I was promoted and I attribute it to the fact that I was very close to having my Excelsior degree. The promotion increased my salary by about 20%; that is the starting salary. Once I graduate, I will get another 10%. I will have completed my degree in about 3 years using 42 CLEP credits. I am looking to further my education in the near future. I will keep you posted on my progress!

    Thanks to all of the posters.....
  4. AGS

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    getting interviewed ...

    people will only get interviewed quickly for their job qualifications and not just a name from a prestigious school....

    if people are getting hired just because of attendance from a prestigious school; i would guess its because they belong to some fraternity or belong to a "good ole boys club" from the particular school....where certain families keep high connections to themselves like skull and bones.....

    which necessarily doesnt really make them qualified for the job position...

    and its true many companies donate money to those prestigious schools that conduct research for various ventures......and many graduates become alumnies that give away alot of money/ favors.....

    if you have a rich mommy and daddy ; you could still be stupid and silly ... george is proof ...

    hey i have even heard certain graduates from excelsior had been accepted by yale because yale is a GMAT-GRE whore.....if you get high points on those exams; you could be accepted into their curriculum....

    just good luck paying the tuition.....
  5. thaddoc

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    Let's face it, the Old Boys Club is still alive and well. I'm not ashamed to admit I wish I worked harder in high school to gain acceptance to an Ivy League school and that I wish I worked harder when I attended my SUNY so I could have graduated instead of entering the working world without a degree.

    But when you're talking about getting recruited for a job, the degree and what school is comes from still matters more than most people like to admit (especially here!). Many top firms actively recruit at certain schools, from the Ivies to private schools and top state schools. If you don't have a degree from these schools, then you are at a disadvantage in the hiring process.

    I don't need to cite ancedotal evidence either. Employment websites such as or have extensive information and interviews from the HR departments, hiring managers and employees of some of the top firms in the United States. The information shows that top firms prefer to recruit at top schools; some ONLY recruit at certain schools.

    Don't get me wrong. I am grateful for the Big Three at providing me a second chance at earning a college degree. In fact, I'll be able to get my degree faster than if I returned to my last school. It just seems like the attitude here is naively thinking an online degree will put you at equal footing with another person's degree from a Tier 1 school. I'm not here to bash, just to provide a realistic opinion and viewpoint.

  6. AGS

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    Good Ole Boys Club

    hey some great inventors and thinkers were educated from school not known in the american cultural mainstream ....

    look at nikola tesla .... he actually had gone to do his PhD work out in Charles University in czech republic after he completed his Bachelors from the Polytechnic in Graz Austria ....

    same with Einstein .....

    they were all educated from foriegn non-english speaking schools...

    I feel every company has its own hiring standards....

    and some companies are actual alumnies to those schools we mentioned where they fund money for certain research projects....

    Abraham Lincoln was know for self-education... another famous figure in history who had made important achievements.....

    dont forget ....sometimes in our youth , we didnt know any better and now we have grown alot wiser ...

    so dont regret so much from the past ....its not going to help you in the future.... if you are swimming in deep waters; are you going to just thread water and panick then drown ...No , you will have to think creatively to survive...

    likewise, with your degrees at your disposal, you should think how to contructively use it rather than look at other people....

    we can depend our employments opportunities on places like Lehman brothers or Goldman Sachs.....

    there are many upper mgrs working in places like best western , wendys, and even mcdonalds corporate offices...
  7. AGS

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    testing out

    Ohio State University doesnt accept DANTEs exam but they do take CLEP exams...and you can test out of some classes in that particular school....

    It will take you some time probably a 1 year and a half...

    and i am sure some other schools do the same ....
  8. AGS

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    did some research

    go to columbia university and get a 2 bachelors in general studies but later get into some medical/ law program.....

    so you could still get an ivy league degree..
  9. Randell1234

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    I have not read every post here but I must ask- after you get 3 years experience in your job, does it really matter where you got your degree? I have been reviewing resumes and it is just a go/no-go for the degree portion.
  10. thaddoc

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    You're right, I could get an Ivy League degree after I finish at one of the Big Three schools, but I fear that I might be too old for an entry level position in the financial world after completing all my education.
  11. thaddoc

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    For certain companies, YES. That's the whole point I am trying to get across. Unless you are currently a hiring manager at Goldman Sachs and tell me otherwise, it is going to be true especially for very competitive programs at highly respected firms.
  12. Marylars

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    Thanks, thaddoc...the fun part is that now the scholarship offers are beginning to roll in and several of them are close to full tuition. (All of this is merit based. She did not get a penny of scholarship $$ for her undergrad.) It is nice to see that all of her hard work has paid off and that she will not have to come out of law school $100k in debt.
  13. PonyGirl93

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    I think that the whole "prestigous uni" debate is a moot point. How many of the truly successful people in our world right now didn't even go to college? Bill Gates didn't, Rush Limbaugh dropped out. It's been proven over and over again that if you're good at what you do- really good, you don't need a college degree. Shouldn't that apply for not-well-known degrees, too??
  14. PonyGirl93

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    Whoa, old thread. My bad, I forgot I had found it through the search button :(
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    I don't know . . I would say perception has a lot to do with your region and employment area. In NY state, Columbia, New York University, Cornell . . .are well respected among many others in the Northeast region. However, once you move out of that region, like I did, most people really don't care. I moved to Florida and University of Florida and Florida State became the "Ivy Leagues" of the state. These are schools I had never heard of before moving here. At that time all I had was a BA degree and no one, not one hiring manager ever said anything about my degree. When I moved from the business world to teaching, I got paid just the same as everyone else. So I think where you live matters who cares and who doesn't. Someone stated before that few schools have a reputation nationwide. I would think they would be a few select Ivy Leagues and schools like UCLA, Georgetown, Stanford, Emory, Rutgers, Tulane, and others. . .

    Based on my own personal experience, I would have to say it doesn't matter where you go to school. It matters what you do with it. You're in NY, that is a seperate monster all by itself. Perception is everything from your car, clothes, where you go food shopping . .everything. So I would say your situation is a little different than most.
  16. Stanislav

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    Bill did go to college (Harvard iirc). He dropped out.
  17. Daniel Luechtefeld

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    ...not to mention that we went to Harvard on his family's dime. The Gates family is one of third-generation inherited wealth.

    Bill Gates is the son of William S. Gates Sr. The senior Gates is one of the most prominent attorneys in the Pacific Northwest, and a principal in the giant firm K&L Gates LLP.,_Sr.

    Bill Gates is a success, but it would be useful for people to stop casting this success as the up-by-bootstraps fruit of labor of a modern day Horatio Alger.
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    OK, if you don't like Bill Gates as an example, here are some more: Mary Kay dropped out, the dude that founded Dell (his name excapes me ;) ), Henry Ford, Rockefeller, the list goes on...
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    I agree 100%!
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