Bible colleges in Illinois, accreditation and "degrees".

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    Actually that's not true. Some states (like my own California) have religious exemptions (from state licensing requirements), but require that degrees awarded by exempt institutions not only be in religious subjects, but have degree titles that indicate that. Hence no PhDs, though DMins and ThDs are allowed.

    I have no objection to religious exemptions, as long as they aren't abused. Unfortunately, many degree-mills in the United States shelter under religious exemptions.

    I'm not sure whether it's the government's job to clean that up or whether the public just needs to be more discerning about clergymen's credentials. Some of the more organized religious denominations do a good job of policing themselves with educational requirements for ordination. It can get iffy around the edges though, with non-denominational, pentecostal and new-agey things. I don't want to see the government intruding into and regulating religious education for non-traditional spirituality. I do support government efforts to keep religious-exempt pastoral counselors out of the mental health professions and stuff like that.
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    Then why not remove the opportunity for abuse? Let the religious schools issue all the diplomas and certificates they want - but insist that the school qualify if it is to grant degrees - i.e. accreditation in the US.

    We do that here in Canada. We have some fine degree-granting religious schools - all qualified by the same means as other bona-fide colleges and universities. The right to teach according to faith is universal. But "the right to issue academic degrees cometh from me," sayeth the Province. It works.


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