Between David Beckham And US Soccer

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    Between David Beckham And US Soccer

    David Beckman’s plans of coming to play for the United States Los Angles Galaxy should not be blown so much out of proportion. This estimated 250 million dollars, five-year pact with the LA Galaxy marked the biggest Los Angeles sports deal since hockey legend Wayne Gretzky joined the Kings nearly two decades ago.
    I really wonder why there seems to be media frenzy for this move. It is simply a move by an old player…yes at 31 years in the game of soccer he is considered old. He cannot add more to the game here in the US. I hear some saying that he is going to pull a lot of crowds for major League soccer games. May be he will. Who knows? This may be a gamble. But as we all know soccer is not a game of one individual. It is a combined effort of a group.
    I personally think that Beckman knows that his years of active soccer are over. His last effort at Real Madrid was more of a joke as he did not win any title with real Madrid soccer team. He has been woefully dropped for the captainship of English national team. So what next for Beckman? Nothing really but to rush to the United States to get more for his pocket.
    I think his intended move to the LA Galaxy is more of retirement than actually a genuine advancement of his soccer career. His move here is more of a rush to get more for his pocket and may be flame up a new career with his Hollywood friends (may be a movie deal who knows?)
    So there should not be so much merry making about David coming here to retire with Major League Soccer.
    We should look back at history and find out that what Beckham is planning to do today have been done over and over again by many old and out of date soccer players who can no longer fit into the hustling, bustling and energy demanding soccer arena of major European Leagues. Soccer giants like Pele of Brazil Jay Jay Okocha of Nigeria , Batistituta of Argentina , Gerald Borgetti of Mexico have all at the winding down of their careers either sluggishly gone to less competitive leagues just to cash in one more buck here and there before calling it quits with their game.
    So there should not be all these unnecessary fuss about David Beckham.
    I advice LA Galaxy and in fact the whole institution of the Major League soccer that they will be completely wrong and disappointed if they should heap all their hopes and future soccer aspirations on the frail and tired shoulders of one individual .
    The game of soccer in the US should be completely overhauled. We should look at and even imitate the good attributes of top soccer leagues in the world and apply them here. May be that will help develop more interest in the game.

    Kennedy Kelechi Halams
    Kelechi, a PhD learner wrote this article from Houston Texas
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    Personnally, I was shocked that they could afford to pay him $25 million a year. I didn't realize that they brought in that kind of money.

    Yeah, Beckham knows that his career is in its twilight and is probably laughing all the way to the bank with this huge contract.
  3. BlueMason

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    erm... how about $1 million/month -> $52 million/year. Grossly overpaid!
  4. louisnguyen27

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    I do not know if they have any business purposes to take back some money from the name "Beckham". Anyway, I feel ashamed of this payment which can be one year income of a poor country or used to build a good university.
    I think he and LA Galaxy are trying to blow up a scandal to polish his name before retirement. After leaving MU, he is just a shadow on the ground.
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  5. Ted Heiks

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    Try your math again! $1 million/month = $12 million/year and $52 million/year = $4.33 million/month.
  6. Ted Heiks

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    There's nothing to be ashamed of. Neither the LA Galaxy nor any other professional sports team is obliged to provide annual incomes for Third World countries or endow universities. Their function is simply to try to hire the best soccer players they can and then try to make money from gate receipts, radio, tv, cable, etc.
  7. louisnguyen27

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    No, I mean that Becks will never be considered as the best player anymore. And someone is trying to throw money through the window and then announce that "we break the world record of tranfer".
    EU is the hottest place for soccer world and if anyone moves out, he is just a dancing chicken.
  8. Ian Anderson

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    The Galaxy's home stadium is on the grounds of Cal State University Domingueaz Hills.

    I frequent the ADT velodrome adjacent to the soccer stadium and notice that on soccer game days there are large crowds (representative of the large LA hispanic community perhaps).

    Interestingly CSUDH used to have a very successful womens soccer program but I have not heard much about the program in recent years.
  9. SactoMike

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    CSU Dominguez Hills indirectly......

    benefits from the Home Depot Center being on Campus. I'm not a big soccer fan, but if CSU DH has better facilities, and the team can afford Becks, then why not have a huge contract for an aging Soccer star?.....Remember Pele' in the 70's for the Cosmos or George Best for the Earthquakes?....

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