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    Assuming money is not the issue :)D ), what are the best online MBA programmes available? Also what are the advantages of MBA at my age. I am nearing 40 and hoping to complete my MS in IT soon.
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    Like Ann Landers says: "And how old will you be in five years if you don't get your MBA?"
  3. Ted Heiks

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    University of Massachusetts Online has to be up there.
  4. Can you better define what "best" means to you? Is it education, reputation, value for money, etc?

    When I went through my choices I selected Indiana for various reasons (Top-20 B&M, strong 48cr program, yearly 1-week residencies) but it's not cheap at $850/cr, or about $45k for the entire program. However, my initial impressions are extremely positive and I believe I'm going to get good value for money.

    Right now there are no rankings of Online MBAs, although the current BusinessWeek has an article entitled "Do Online MBAs Make the Grade?" that may be of interest to you. It can be found at:

    A few questions that I asked myself before applying:

    - do you want RA or will NA do for you?
    - for RA, do you want the school to be AACSB or is this not important to you?
    - how much do you want to spend?
    - are you willing to take the GMAT?
    - do you want your MBA with concentration?
    - are residencies OK for you? If so, how often?
    - what do you expect your MBA to do for you?


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