Best Online Engineering Program ???

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    What is the best accredited online engineering program?

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    M - a couple of questions, then an answer.
    Q1 - Do you mean Bachelors level or something else?
    Q2 - What branch of Engineering are you referring to?
    Answer - There are very few Bachelors level Engineering programs. We guess that this is because of the difficulties with providing lab courses to DL students. There are a few more Masters level Engineering programs and while I haven't actually counted them, I'm guessing that they're weighted toward EE.

    Seeing that there are so few programs it is probably not possible to say which is the "best." What criteria would you suggest that we use in making that determination?
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    University of North Dakota
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    columbia or usc at the master's level
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    I was about to enroll once to the PhD in Industrial Engineering from Colorado State. The program is really flexible and can be completed mostly online besides the few visits.
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    Even if one were comfortable with the high tuition cost, sub-optimal accreditation, and the numerous charges of turpitude that have been leaved against it, ITT does NOT offer engineering degrees. A [modifier omitted] Engineering TECHNOLOGY Degree is NOT the same as a [modifier omitted] ENGINEERING Degree.

    I do not know who "we" are, but I'm inclined to think "they" need to reconsider. As far as I know--and I could be wrong, as I'm not quite old enough to know this first hand--Grantham College (now calling itself a "University") offered genuine engineering degrees by distance for decades, and I'm not sure they were alone in doing so. And they were doing it before all manner of extant industrial equipment could be bought via eBay.
  9. airtorn

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    What is your basis for thinking that Grantham offered engineering degrees via DL? As you have already mentioned, an engineering technology degree is far different from an ABET engineering degree.
  10. Kizmet

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    I don't see that your information has contradicted mine. I said there were very few. You named one and others (above) named a couple of others. Aitorn is correct in stating that there's a difference between an Engineering degree and an Engineering Technology degree. I know this firsthand as my own degree is in Engineering Technology. I gave the op the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was interested in Engineering programs (not Engineering Technology) since that's what he wrote. So, as I previously stated, there are only a few. As for the "we" part of my response, I was referring to those of us on these discussion boards who have discussed this issue before on several occasions. "We" tend to be among the best informed persons when it comes to these DL questions. Beyond that, I don't know why you put quotation marks around the word "university." The school changed it's name from Grantham College to Grantham University in 2002 when they began offering business degrees in addition to engineering technology degrees. Since then they've added a diverse selection of degree programs. The name change seems appropriate to me.
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    If OP is looking for a master's in engineering, Georgia Tech and Southern Polytechnic State University offer several online MS degrees in engineering.
  12. NorCal

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    Old Dominion University has an engineering program that a friend of mine is currently online.
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    Gone, no longer offered or at least listed on their website.
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    JHU has great engineering programs, but only a selection of their classes are online. Their website (Online Degrees and Programs - Johns Hopkins University) says they have four degrees where you can complete all the requirements online, but even then some of their best classes in these programs are in the DC area:

    * Bioinformatics
    * Computer Science
    * Environmental Planning and Management
    * Systems Engineering
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    DeVry University is among the well known and top accredited online universities.If one chooses it,have to enroll.It will be of high worth. It has been offering online degree programs not only in engineering but also in other domains as well,are accepted by many companies.

    online school
  17. Lerner

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    Some of the better Engineers I worked with had ITT degrees.

    I do recommend ABET accredited program. ITT is not RA / ABET, ITT degree has limitation.

    Graduates of ITT that I worked with are very strong professionals.
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