Best online Ed.D for international students?

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    Hi, this is my first post - I've joined the forum out of desperation due to numerous phone calls from Mayfield university, only to find out that they are actually one of the "fake"universities!
    I have completed the MEd (specialisation in Math Education) earlier this year at a South African based university. I have, during the past 5 years, been involved in the development of Math e-learning programs and would therefore like to do a Doctorate specialising in Education technology. No university in my country, South Africa, offers such a degree. I really want to ensure that I choose a well respected(highly rated) and (obviously) accredited university. Please note that I can't attend weekly summer schools and would therefore only be able to enroll for a complete online degree.
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    You're going to be on the bad end of the currency exchange rate. Beyond that you'll have a bunch of choices.
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    Boise State University has an educational technology doctorate that the university claims may be completed entirely online (I haven't checked the curriculum, so see if there's a practicum or internship requirement that actually turns the program into a hybrid one rather than an online one). Good luck!
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    You can do an EdD through the UK's Open University for less than 10,000 GBP, which is significantly less than any U.S. institution you might otherwise want to consider. (It's about half what you'd pay at Boise State University, for example, and BSU is definitely on the cheap end of internationally recognised North American schools.) UKOU has competitive admissions for that programme, however, so make sure you present yourself as well as you can should you apply.

    I wonder, however, why you believe that no institutions in South Africa can handle doctoral study in educational technology. You may want to ask around a little more. I know some schools there, like the University of the Western Cape, have people who've done interesting work in this area.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I also recommendation for British universities as well, I am not sure which university offers Doctorate in Educational Technology. But, most of the school gives tuition break for students from developing countries. Therefore, you can save lot of money...
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    If you go over to the Education sub-forum, there is a Sticky thread on EdD programs which might be of some use.
  7. Ted Heiks

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    A few ed tech docs gleaned from the EdD Sticky, mentioned hereinabove:

    Boise State University
    University of Florida
    Northcentral University
    Nova Southeastern University
    University of Phoenix
    Walden University

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